Belitung Island is located in offshore of North Sumatra, in between Gaspar and Karimata strain. In 2000, it becomes the 31st province in Indonesia and then calls as Bangka Belitung Archipelago. A long time ago, this island was famous for mining that produce lead, tin, quartz sand and kaolin. Even though, Belitung Island is not as famous as Bali or Lombok Island, it also offers beautiful scenery that can hardly find in other location.

This island is famous for its beautiful and pure beaches. Blue sea and white sand spread along the Coast of Belitung Island. Besides visiting the beach, most visitors enjoy snorkeling in the blue sea. Belitung Island has many small inhabitants’ islands. Some of the islands have huge rocks surround the beach as in Lengkuas Island. As in Nangka Island, you can experience diving or snorkel with sharks and witness sea turtles lay eggs.

Lengkuas Island

This island is one of the shooting places of a famous Indonesian movie “Laskar Pelangi”. The movie indeed portrays the beauty of the island. Located in the north side of Tanjung Kelayang beach, Sijuk subdistrict, Belitung regency. The surrounding island, there are granite rocks in the beach for less than 1.2-meter depth. The beach in Lengkuas Island has very clear water; therefore you can enjoy the swimming tropical fish. It is indeed very suitable for snorkeling and diving.

The main attraction of this island is an old lighthouse which was built during the Netherland colonization in 1882. Even though the lighthouse is already old enough, it still operates until nowadays to rule the water traffic of ship in and out Belitung Island. The lighthouse is around 50 meters high; visitors also allow going up in the lighthouse. Lengkuas Island has only three people which are the lighthouse operators.

Nangka Island

This island is the best diving and snorkeling spot. You can feel the sensations of diving with packs of sharks. In a certain time of the year, you can also witness sea turtles which come offshore to lay eggs.

Belitung Museum

There are three museums in Belitung Island; one of the most popular is Belitung Museum or Tanjungpandan Island. Besides the famous beaches, Belitung Island is also famous with museums which keep historical heritage in relation to Belitung Island history.

This museum is located in Melati Street, facing the Tanjungpandan hospital. Most of the building in Tanjungpandan is dominated with old buildings which were built during the Netherland colonization. Therefore, it is rich with Holland architecture and considered as national cultural heritage. A long time ago, these buildings were known as Rumah Tuan Kuase or Hoofdadministraeur.

The museum was built due to DR. Osberger’s invention who was a Belgium Geologist in 1963. In Belitung museum, you can find the history of lead mining, evidence of kingdoms and war history.

Sekar Biru Lake

As the name, Sekar Biru Lake has clear blue water which probably the reflection of the sun on the bottom of the lake. This happens because a long time ago the lake was lead mining; therefore the lake was walled with kaolin which then reflect the sun rays.

Picture: Ahmad Syukaery. Source: Flickr