It is quite obvious that Turkey is a very popular tourist destination in the world. This country is home to a number of great cities that could be your ideal destination for your next holiday season. If you look for a great Turkish destination beside their capital city, Ankara, and then Istanbul has to be your first priority. This city has so many things to offer to every visitor and the ancient world of bazaars and historical mosques have to be the most famous tourist attractions. Apart from not being the capital city of the country, Istanbul is actually the biggest city of the nation. It is also far more popular than Ankara itself, thus do not be too surprise to see many travelers wrongfully consider Istanbul as the capital of Turkey. The largest city in Turkey is home to so many fascinating tourist sites and attractions that a single visit or one day in Istanbul will not be ample to discover all the hidden treasures.

There are so many tourist attractions and leisure activities that you can do in Istanbul. It would be much better if you come up with a good holiday plan long before your actual arrival date. Should you are still clueless about the best way to make the most of your Istanbul visit, it would be much better if you spare enough time for the top things to do in this famous city. Besides being the largest city in Turkey, Istanbul is also known as one of the world’s top 5 largest metropolitan cities.

Enjoy the Great View of Istanbul from a Ferry

The city of Istanbul is separated by the bosphorus and there is no better way to enjoy the stunning view of the city than taking a ferry. This would be common water transportation in Istanbul and it will take you to the seaside area, which is the best angle for viewing the great city of Istanbul. There are so many amazing views that you need to record in your digital camera that taking this tourist transportation one time might be insufficient. Most of the tourists are very happy to take the ferry two times or more. There is no need for you to wait pretty long just to get on the ferry over and over again. The ferry will be available almost every half hour and most local people see this as an effective means of transportation that helps them get across the water.

Quench Your Thirst for Shopping at the Grand Bazaar

The city of Istanbul is also famous for its old and traditional market known as the Grand Bazaar. This great venue could an ideal place for you to blend in the local community. Many international tourists cease this market as a great opportunity to get in touch with the local people. You might get yourself new friends here. The Grand Bazaar is fully loaded with more than four thousand shops and you can easily find almost anything you can think of in this traditional market. Make sure that you bargain for whatever item that you try to purchase.

Obviously, there are many other fascinating sites that you should not miss out like the Blue Mosque, the Kiz Kulesi or the Topkapi Palace. A single article will not be sufficient to contain all those exciting things you need to do in Istanbul.