Wondering where you can try new things to do and places to explore here in Canada? Do not go far beyond because Edmonton offers a lot of hottest spots, thus, giving you incredible ideas on the best things to do. 

Edmonton is Alberta’s capital and it lies along North Saskatchewan River banks. It is surrounded by the Alaska Highway, the early fur trade, the 1897/1898 Klondike gold rush, and the cross-Canada railway making this city more influential. Furthermore, this city has worked on enhancing its culture and arts by establishing excellent museums and theatres. The West Edmonton Mall is one of the city’s pride and is considered one of the biggest shopping and leisure centers in the world. People do not care much about the cold winters, especially the shoppers. They come to visit this grand shopping mall to buy something.

What to Do in Edmonton?

The specific spots will help you think of the best thing to do while staying in Edmonton, Canada. Since it is surrounded by numerous historical and eye-catching sceneries, you can explore each of them for an unforgettable experience. One way to spend your stay here in Edmonton is to learn about its culture and history or unveil some secrets through word of mouth of its folks. Another thing you can do is sightseeing. This city has been blessed with natural structures that have been preserved. On the other hand, adventure lovers can uplift their outdoor excitement as they explore its hills and forests. Edmonton, Canada may be a great city but it is blessed with natural resources.

National Park

When talking about national parks, the Elk Island National Park and Beaver Hills are the most popular ones. It occupies wooded areas surrounded by wetlands and lakes giving a wonderful home to various wildlife. These include deer, beaver, elk, and moose. Furthermore, it also boasts a herd of buffalo or bison which is considered the main attraction.


Edmonton, Canada takes pride in Muttart Conservatory which is situated on the North Saskatchewan River’s south bank. It comes with 4 pyramid-shaped hothouses wherein serve as the home to far-traveled and rare plant species. All pyramids have distinct features for the environment representing various biomes across the globe.


There are several great museums built across the globe and all of them represent their respective country’s rich history. And if you are in Edmonton, Canada, you will get to know more about the Royal Alberta Museum. This museum is the home to permanent history exhibits, both natural and cultural. It boasts the preservation of impressive fossils of dinosaurs and other ice age eras. There are also live insects of enormous and exotic species and native fish aquaria.

Art Gallery in Edmonton

Individuals who are inclined toward artistry will definitely look for art galleries every time they travel to different places. Edmonton’s Art Gallery of Alberta is a modern building that was established to present visual arts emphasizing Western Canada. It also features travelling and changing exhibitions. At the same time, it maintains extensive collections of over six thousand (6, 000) pieces of incredible artworks.