One of the most fun and popular destinations in the world happens to be Rio de Janeiro. All across the world, people travel to this hotspot not just to soak up the sun but to take advantage of the way they celebrate their culture and history, to enjoy their many delicacies, and just to take in a place that may be very different from your own. Often, people come to Rio de Janeiro with something specific in mind to do but if you are just coming randomly to explore this beautiful city, there are particular things you may want to set your sights on before leaving. Below, this article will discuss 3 things, in particular, to do in the beautiful location of Rio de Janeiro.

Visit Christ the Redeemer

The most popular attraction when it comes to this place is arguably the Christ the Redeemer. Whether you have seen it in movies, or cartoons, or read about it in a magazine, this giant landmark of Jesus Christ is a whopping 2,330-foot statue that has to be seen to be believed. It is regarded as one of the Seven Wonders of the World and for good reason too. It has been around for almost a century and still stands as beautiful and gorgeous as the day it was erected. If there is one thing you do, be sure to check out this statue and get a picture of all its glory.

Attend the Carnival in Rio de Janeiro

Another great thing to do would be to visit the Rio Carnival when it is happening. All across the world, people visit during this festival time to take part in the biggest celebration the world has ever seen. Whether you are looking to have a great time, sample many different types of drinks, or just listen to a different culture of world music, there are tons to do during the Rio Carnival and it is surely going to be something to remember.

The Rio Carnival usually kicks off a few weeks before Ash Wednesday, with the main events happening from Friday to Tuesday. It’s best to check the specific dates each year as they can vary. During Carnival, Rio bursts with energy, music, and color, drawing people from all over the world for an unforgettable celebration. So if you’re planning a visit, aim for the weeks leading up to Lent for the full Carnival experience!

Visit the Jardim Botânico in Rio de Janeiro

One of the last things to do would be to visit the Jardim Botanico. This is 340 acres of pure wilderness and is home to many different animals and wildlife. There are animals in plant life in this location not seen anywhere else in the world and is certainly a hotspot for people who happen to love the outdoors and may want to get away from the hustle and bustle of people. There are many more things to do in Rio, but these three are among the best attractions period in the world to soak in among many others.