Regina is the capital of the province of Canada. Regina is a Latin word for “queen”, and was named by Queen Victoria’s daughter, the Princess Louise. Regina is built on a treeless plain in this region. People travel here to visit the culture of the province, rather than be impressed by its countryside. 

Provincial Museum of Natural History–This museum was set up in 1906 to help preserve the historical and ethnological objects and artifacts of the region. This was also the first museum in the city and the first in the three prairie provinces.

Saskatchewan Science Centre–This was established in 1989 and was located within what used to be a power plant of the Wascana Centre. In 1991, the Kramer IMAX theatre was added. The Centre also hosts to many annual events, including Adult Science Nights, Ignite! Festival, and After Dark Film Series.

Victoria Park–This offers some tranquil green space away from the bustle of the city but is located right downtown. There are also some outdoor festivals held here, including the “Regina Folk Festival”, and a Farmer’s Market. In a square at the park can be found a Cenotaph to honour the fallen heroes of WWI. The Park also has a children’s playground.

Hotel Saskatchewan–This historic hotel was originally opened in 1932, and took four years to build. It’s also still in operation today and run by Marriott International. It has undergone extensive renovations through the years. The hotel overlooks Victoria Park. The hotel used to accommodate official guests to the city, including royalty.

Half the population of the province lives in this city. You can fly directly into the Regina International Airport from other major cities. There are many things to do in Regina that will keep your family busy for at least one week.

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