Negril is a known as the capital of casual in Jamaica; it is a place for you to relax, enjoy the wonders of nature and just live life at a slower pace. It is also home to a famous seven-mile strip of white sand beach and a wide array of other fun and unique activities for everyone to enjoy. If your next stop on your Jamaican trip is Negril, here are some things you can partake in.

Seven Mile Beach

The most known thing about Negril is its seven miles stretch of pristine white sand beach. This is a public beach, so you are free to go for long walks and enjoy the perfect relaxing tropical setting that the beach presents. You can also enjoy water activities such as scuba diving, snorkelling and boat cruises along this unspoiled coastline. The beach is also in a perfect location since most of the best hotels in Negril are along the beach, so you will have easy access wherever you are staying! This famous strip of unspoiled beach is not to be missed while in Negril, you should take some pictures of your friends and family back home to see!

Rick’s Café

Rick’s Café is the place to be in Negril if you want to hang out and have a few drinks in a perfect relaxing environment to the pulsating beats of your favourite reggae songs. It is also famous for providing the best sunset views in Negril, tourists and locals alike flock to Rick’s Café to admire the stunning sunset views available at Ricks Café due to its location on a cliff overlooking the ocean. If you are adventurous, you can jump off the 35 feet high cliff into the pristine Caribbean Sea below. Rick’s Café provides such a unique experience that a visit to Negril would feel incomplete if you do not go there!

The Blue Hole Mineral Spring

The Blue Hole Mineral Spring is another alluring natural attraction found in the Negril region of Jamaica. The spring is below a cavernous opening in the landscape and is covered by karst limestone. The limestone produces natural minerals which act as a purifier for the water in the Blue Hole Mineral Spring, this water is known for its rejuvenating and revitalising properties. The Blue Hole is a haven for divers who want to explore the underwater flora and fauna of the area. There is also a mineral pool, for those not adventurous enough to venture into the deep Blue Hole. This attraction is an excellent option for visitors vacationing in the Negril region who want to enjoy one of the natural beauties of Jamaica.

Kool Runnings Waterpark

The Kool Runnings Water Park is the largest Waterpark in Jamaica a fun-filled attraction for the entire family. The Park offers activities such as adventure rides, water slides, Paintball and go-karting. It is a popular location for families and anyone just seeking a thrilling experience.

Barney’s Flower and Hummingbird Garden

If you are interested in nature and the environment, Barney’s Flower and Hummingbird garden would be the perfect spot for you to visit in Negril. The scenic garden includes the best exotic local flowers as well as flowers from around the world, and you will hear the constant rhythmic sounds of the local hummingbird throughout the garden. Barney’s is regarded as a tropical dream garden and is a cool place to visit to see a natural and refreshing side of Jamaica.

(Picture credit: Camelot Photography)

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