Ubud is a place that is located in Bali. As you know Bali is the center of the tourism objects that are loved by many people. There are many foreign and domestic tourists who come to Bali. Ubud has become one of the most interesting places in Bali. Ubud is a district in Bali that is famous since 1930. You can find many arts in this place because it is the main center of Balinese art, especially painting, sculpture, dance, and traditional music.

Ubud is called an international village. There are many people who are already familiar with Ubud. Along the way, there are many restaurants, galleries, hotels, and shops selling local crafts in Bali. Ubud Bali is not only known in Indonesia, but, it is also well known internationally. Ubud is located in between the fields and forests, flanked by ravines and rivers so it looks very beautiful. Because of that, no wonder Ubud Bali got the International award. Not only the natural view that makes Ubud is popular, but also the art and culture of this place make Ubud is very famous in the world. The livelihoods of the people in Ubud are artists, such as painters, craftsmen, and dance artists.

For those who are looking for the best gallery, you can visit Ubud. There are many galleries of art in this place including the music and dance performances that would normally be performed at night in turns. Not just any gallery, there are also many excellent hotels available in this place. So, you can choose as your choice to make your sleep well. The hotels are in this place in many categories. There are five-star hotels and also cheap hotels. You can choose which one you want to be based on your budget.

Have you ever heard about the Sukowati market?

This market is very famous around the world. This market is located in Ubud. Sukowati market is also well known as the Ubud Art Market. There, there are many things that are sold such as local crafts. The price of the things is in low price. You can make a bargain to get the lower price. You can go to the market by renting a car with a driver at a time.

Besides the Sukowati market, you can visit Monkey Forest in Ubud. It is located exactly on the Monkey Forest Padang Tegal Street, Ubud Bali. It is a tourism object like a forest. There, there are many monkeys that live in the forest. This place is usually full of foreign tourists. Generally, the visitors who come to this place can reach up to ten thousand per month.

Then, you also can visit the Elephant Cave. This cave is made by human hands in the ninth century. The entrance of the cave is shaped devil. At the entrance of the cave, there are two statues of the keeper of the cave. Unfortunately, one of the statues has lost his head. In the cave, there are statues of Lingga and Yoni. This cave is said to be the place for meditation. You can visit this cave by paying the ticket for Rp.15.000.