What comes in your mind when you hear Morocco? Maybe your imagination will bring you to a Middle East country. Even though Morocco sounds like a Middle East country, this country is not placed in Asia or even Middle East. Morocco is located in Africa and this country is really unique as well as it has many incredible histories. If really loves travelling as a backpacker, then you should visit this country. From many wonderful places you should go in Morocco, Fez is the best destination you should visit. However, if you are wondering about this old city, stay here and let’s see.

By the way, Fez is the oldest city in Morocco and this old city is really incredible because it has wonderful old buildings around the city. If you like travelling, it is going to be much better to walk around the city and see many incredible things. The things that make the city becomes more beautiful is the architecture. The house in this city is not designed with a contemporary design, but it still uses an old design so that it looks amazing. The combination between old design and wonderful architecture make this city looks different than others.

If you want to enjoy the trip in Morocco, then you can use a donkey as the best transportation. Definitely, donkey is really unique because it moves slowly and it is free of pollution. The atmosphere around the city is still natural because you can barely find motorcycle or maybe car on the street. The main place in Fez is placed in Old Medina. Old Medina is the center of the oldest city in Morocco and you can find many hotels and resorts to take a rest. Even though the city still keeps the old culture, many hotels have been combined with high tech features.

Anyway, you should not have to worry about the hotel service in Old Medina because many hotels have a modern system. Although the buildings look old and ancient from the outside, you will get great service from the inside. The hotel is combined with air conditioner for the room and hot water for the shower. The facilitation will make you feel comfortable while spending the time in Fez. Furthermore, the price of the hotel is really affordable compares to other countries in Europe.

FYI, before you check in at the hotel, it is going to be much better to find the cheap one. If you are a backpacker, then you should choose a hotel with simple features to save your budget. But, if you want to visit with travel agency, ensure that the agency chooses the best hotel for you. In Fez, there are many wonderful places you should visit such as old city, desert, the oldest university in the world, and many more. Before you go home, you can purchase some antique accessories as the best souvenirs for your friends and family. So, if you are looking for an ancient destination for holiday, just choose Morocco and let’s visit Fez.