The old medina of Fez is considered the oldest city in Morocco. Fez is one of Morocco’s four imperial cities and was once the capital of Morocco

What comes to your mind when you hear Morocco? Maybe your imagination will bring you to a Middle East country. Even though Morocco sounds like a Middle East country, this country is not in Asia or even the Middle East. Morocco is located in Africa and this country is really unique as well as it has many incredible histories. If you really like to travel as a backpacker, then you have to visit this country. The most beautiful Moroccan destination you should visit in this kingdom is Fez. However, if you are wondering about this ancient city, stay here and let’s see.

By the way, Fez is the oldest city in Morocco and this ancient town is truly incredible as there are beautiful old buildings that surround the old part of the town and lots of fascinating handicrafts. If you like to discover new things, it is much better to walk around the city and experience its wonderful atmosphere. What makes the city even more beautiful is the architecture. The houses in the medina are not designed in a contemporary design but still use an old design so that they look great and retain the charm of the ancient architecture. The combination of ancient design and exquisite architecture makes this city look different from others.

If you want to experience something unusual in Fez, then you can use a donkey as the best transportation. Definitely, a donkey is really fun and unique because it moves slowly and it is free of pollution. The atmosphere around the city is still natural because you can barely find a motorcycle or maybe a car on the street. The most fascinating places in Fez are in the old part of the city. The medina is the center of Morocco’s oldest city and is home to plenty of antique art, and hotels where you can relax. Even though the city still keeps the old culture, many hotels have been combined with high-tech features.

Anyway, you don’t have to worry about the hotel service in the old medina, because many hotels have a modern system. Although the buildings look old from the outside, you get great service inside. The hotels are integrated with air conditioning for the room, hot water in the shower, cable TV, room service, and all the necessary amenities to make your stay more comfortable. In addition, the rates for hotels are really affordable compared to other countries in Europe.

FYI, before booking a hotel, it’s best to check Airbnb first, as you may find accommodation with locals. If you are a backpacker, then you should choose a hostel with simple features to save your budget. But, if you want to travel with a travel agency, ensure that the agency chooses the best hotel for you. In Fez, there are many wonderful places you should visit such as the old city, the oldest university in the world, and many more. Before you go home, you can purchase some antique accessories as there are many beautifully handcrafted souvenirs in town for just a few dirhams. So, if you are looking for an ancient destination for vacation, just choose Morocco and head to visit Fes.