There are a number of different national parks in the United States which can be a perfect location for your vacation. If you wonder about the national park that has so many wonderful attractions to offer and unmatched beauty, Yosemite National Park has to be the most ideal answer. Not only that this national park is home to an array of magnificent natural attractions, but you are also welcome to enjoy the area of the national park just the way you want it. This place can be a great place for you to camp with your kids or even boost your adrenaline with some adventurous rock climbing. Every visitor of the Yosemite National Park shall be indulged in an array of stunning waterfalls including, the Yosemite Falls, the Vernal Fall, the Bridalveil Fall, The Staircase Falls, the Nevada Fall, the Ribbon Fall, and of course the Horsetail Falls. The latest one has caught our attention for its incredible height and amazing scenery. It is one thousand feet high and by that time it reflects the orange glow of the sunset.

The History of The Horsetail Falls

The tradition of Firefall was begun in 1872 at Glacier Point and Camp Curry. It was a popular stopover for many people who visit Yosemite at night. However, this popular tradition had to end in 1968 since the Director of the National Park Service confirmed that Yosemite National Park should be dedicated to natural beauty only and any kind of human-generated spectacle like the Firefall was considered out of place. Surprisingly, Mother Nature seemed to be a bit challenged and a natural Firefall finally came out in the El Capitan mountain that we know as the Horsetail Fall today. Just a few weeks in February you can treat your eyes to the beautiful view of the natural Firefall.

The Best Time to Enjoy The Horsetail Falls

Catching a beautiful phenomenon from nature is not as easy as you think. You have to come to the site at perfect timing. Despite the fact that the Yosemite National Park is open all year round, you are highly recommended to visit this popular destination from middle to late February. During this period of time, you will be able to witness the most stunning view of the Horsetail Falls. However, you might have to be more aware of the surrounding environment to have the best picture with your camera. The cloud in the sky and the amount of water flow determine the quality of the Firefall phenomenon.

Besides the perfect timing of your visit, you also have to know which area can give you the best shot view of the natural Firefall. The El Capitan picnic area has to be the best spot for you to catch the incredible view of the Horsetail Falls conveniently. However, you should not be too surprised to see rows of amateur and professional photographers make this special location look very crowded.