The Great Wall of China is considered as the largest architecture that was ever built by humans. The wall was built thousands years ago as a protection of the China empires against the Huns’ invasions.  It was made of several materials such as stone, brick, rocks, wood, etc. The wall lies from a group of mountains of the northern China to the northwest Beijing. The thickness of the wall was around 4.5 until 9 meters and was 7.5 meters tall. And the length is around five thousand kilometers. The wall is indeed a marvelous work with great historic sides which can attract many visitors from around the world.

The History and Uniqueness

This great wall was first built 2000 years ago by the first emperor of China namely Qin Shi Huangdi. Built from the eastern to western of China’s borders, the wall was meant to protect Chinese empires from nomadic groups of the Eurasians steppe. The groups came from north of china and usually called as the Huns. The Huns used to attack China and often made sudden raids or invasions to the states. Armed soldiers were placed all around the wall to defend it from attack or invasion. When a sudden raid or invasion attacked the Wall, the soldiers might use signal fires that was provided there as a warning sign.

Several parts of the Great Wall of China were built in 7th century BC. Then, some other parts of the wall were made and joined together with the latter in the 14th and 17th centuries. This made the wall stronger and bigger like how it looks these days. The wall has been through reconstruction several times. The most parts of the wall now are those from the Ming Dynasty. However, not all parts of the wall are renovated and treated well. Unlike those which are near the tourism spots and some parts of the northern Beijing, many parts of the wall are abandoned and left without appropriate treatment. Some of them even have been damaged by vandalism.

As a tourism attraction, the Great Wall of China offers wonderful view that cannot be seen anywhere else. The wall is always crowded by domestic and international visitors every day. Some tourism sections are situated in some areas surrounding the wall. Each section offers different view of the wall. The sections can be reached by public transportation such as bus or train. Souvenirs and food sellers can also be found in each section. Tourists usually capture the moments and the scenery there by taking pictures. The best time to visit the Great Wall of China depends on the season you are in. Spring and autumn are best for those who love sunny days with brisk temperature. You can go there on May or September. The temperature on June and August tend to be hotter while around November and April it will be colder and windy. Also you can go there with your family and enjoy the solid wall of China.