Spending your holiday in a mountain or beach might sound too normal. If you have tried all those things, you need to definitely try a new concept of holiday. There are so many places,  unique places, in this world that you need to visit. One of them is The Dark Hedges. You do not need to spend much time there because it is actually only a road with very beautiful and magnificent view when you walk there.

The Location of the Dark Hedges

I am pretty sure there are so many people who do not know about this place yet. If you have not, you can actually start look for its pictures in the internet. You will see something that you might only see in some movies or pictures. But, it actually exists. This place is also the place that you see in one of the episodes of game of thrones. The Dark Hedges is located in Ireland, near Armoy. The trees in The Dark Hedgesare already 200 years old and had been planted by the Stuart family. There is specific story about it. It happened in the eighteenth century.

Grey Lady

You might wonder about what actually “Grey Lady” is? It is actually a story that has been believed by local people and also people who believe it. They say that the lady haunts the people who pass the street. She can move very quickly just as fast as the cars she is chasing. There are several versions about who the Grey Lady is. Some people believe that she is a spirit of a maid that worked in a house near the street who died mysteriously. Other people believe that she is a lost spirit that comes from a nearby abandoned graveyard and she wants to remind people to remember her because she died an unremembered dead. Not only those, there are still other versions of Grey Lady story. One of them is a story that says the Grey Lady was actually closely related to the Stuart family. Even though the story is a little bit scary, you do not need to be so afraid of that. She actually never does anything to the people passing the street but showing herself until the last beech of trees.

It somehow becomes more interesting with the story of the Grey Lady. Actually only a few people experienced this. Most of them do not see anything when passing The Dark Hedges. It is so unique that you might not want to let the memories fading out. That is why you need to take some pictures of it because that way, you will be able to see and remember the moment again someday. The Dark Hedges is one of those unique places that seems unreal but it really exist in Ireland. For you who live near the area and have not seen it yet, you need to go there as soon as possible because so many people are interested in seeing it with their own eyes.