We have always been fascinated by nature and all its incredible features. We can see our fascination for nature in the way we choose our holiday destinations. These days,  we have an array of tourist destinations that are filled with natural wonders from waterfalls, and colorful lakes to a number of geological phenomenons. Each of them has its own uniqueness and offers a different holiday experience. Should you be interested in that kind of holiday destination, you might want to visit the Coastal Potholes in La Jolla, California. It is more likely that you will have a very unique vacation filled with stunning natural wonders. You shall not find any other place on this planet that has such a great geological phenomenon.

Coastal potholes can be found in a number of different environments. Not only that you can see them on wave-cut platforms, but you can also find them in the channel of rocks made by a turbulent stream. It is also believed that the sustenance and the creation of potholes are greatly influenced by the groundwater. The abrading action of the waves and pebbles that move constantly is responsible for making the size of the coastal potholes larger. The occurrence of coastal potholes has been really fascinating to many geology scientists. While for most travelers, the process of this stunning wonder of nature is not really interesting actually. They just love the idea of having a great vacation in the location of the potholes.

Finding great accommodation around the location of the coastal potholes is not too hard. You can easily find them in the area of the beaches. That way, you will find no trouble to enjoy this stunning natural wonder easily. Many travelers find it very amusing as they spend many hours watching the coastal potholes. The surrounding environment is also an interesting view to watch. Not only that you can treat your eyes with breathtaking natural potholes, but you might also encounter a great experience with migrating birds. For many years, many birdwatchers have found the potholes as a great location to watch the migrating birds. Considering that the potholes are a great source of fresh water, the potholes are very important for the birds.

Other Functions of the Coastal Potholes

This geological phenomenon has been quite an attraction to many kinds of animals as well. You need to visit the site in person to see a great variety of flora and fauna in the location of coastal potholes. An array of different aquatic plants and seaweeds can easily be found in the area. In addition to that, various types of crabs, reptiles, and fishes consider this place as their home. This is surely a great place for the local fishermen.

One of the best ways to visit coastal potholes is to bring your camera. Not only that you need it to capture the incredible flora and fauna life, but the way the area changes itself due to the different amount of light is also surely worth capturing.