Indonesia as the world biggest archipelago has a larger marine area than the land. As an archipelago country, there are thousands of islands; big and small islands and some other which still unidentified and unnamed. Due to its large marine area, Indonesia is gifted with numerous beaches spread from the west side to the east side Indonesia. One of the famous islands in Indonesia is Bali. This island is located between Java and Lombok Island and well known for its beautiful beach and unique culture.

Bali has become the most famous tourism object in the world since years ago. Every year, many tourists from both domestic and international come to Bali to have a wonderful holiday. One of the famous beaches in Bali is Kuta beach.

About Kuta Beach

Kuta Beach has become the heart of Bali for years. It is famous for the long beach line, big and steady waves and deserted white sand. Some years ago, this beach is just the ordinary fisherman village but nowadays it is the most crowded beach in Bali. Even though, there are lots of other beaches in Bali; Kuta Beach still becomes the number one holiday destination. More and more hotels, resorts, even malls is built in this beach.

The access to go to this beach is not difficult since it is located in the center of Bali; it is just 15 minutes away from the Ngurah Rai International Airport. In a certain time of the year, local people usually hold events such as religious rituals and festivals.

The main attraction of this beach is the huge and steady waves. Every day, lots of surfers from around the world surf here. No need to worry if the visitor is not a surfer. The local people open surfing lesson. They teach the newbie from the very basic until able to stand on the surfboard. These local surfing teachers charge for every lesson around 300,000 IDR per 2 hours; it includes the lesson and surfboard rent fee.

For most people, Kuta Beach is famous for its breathtaking sunset. The perfect time to watch the sunset is around 5-6 pm. Many people sit at the beach and wait patiently for the romantic sunset. It is the perfect spot for photography.

Besides surfing and amazing sunset, Kuta Beach is also well known for its shopping venues, nightlife, and party vibes. Nowadays, visitors can enjoy shopping in malls and another factory outlet with various prices. Local souvenirs shop also available here. At nights pubs, discotheques and clubs which make this beach as a never sleep beach. Daytime or night time, Kuta is always busy. For traditional events, there is a performance of Kecak Dance, one of traditional Balinese dance, every night.

Most visitors prefer to stay around Kuta beach due to its beauty. There are lots of hotels with various type ranges from five stars, international standard hotels, motels, or inns which embrace the beach. For every visit to Bali, Kuta Beach can never be left out. This is should be at the top vacation list.

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