If you are looking for a holiday destination in Carribean Sea; you might want to consider St. Lucia. Located in the eastern Carribean sea, St. Lucia famous with its beauty landscape. Even though many people have heard about the beauty of the island,only a few of them who actually have visited there.

The history

The first colony to occupy the island was the French Pirate in 1550, then followed by the Dutch in 1600. In 1605, The British came as well in this island. Both French and British found that the island interesting, therefore they started to take claiming. During the 18th century, the ownership of the island changed into neutral territory for several times. In the 20th century, St. Lucia joined the West Indies Federation.

The Land

Despite the fact that St. Island is quite a remote island which makes few visitors visit the island; St. Lucia has a divine beauty of nature. The small island consists of more volcanic mountains than the other Carribean islands. The highest mountain is Mount Gimie with 950 meters high. St. Lucia also the one of few places in the world which has a drive in the mountain. The general climate in St. Lucia is tropical which has two seasons: the dry season from December to May and rainy or wet season from June to November.

The tourism

Similar to other Carribean island, St. Lucia also offers breathtaking scenery that can not be found in other places. There are some places you should visit in St. Lucia.

  1. The Piton Mountain

The twin Piton mountains are the second large volcanic mountain in the island. Visitors can hike the twin mountains which looks like sharks’ teeth for about six hours. On the top of the mountain, usually visitors enjoy the cold Piton beer which the local people brew and name it after the mountain.

  1. Visit the St.Lucia national bird

Parrot is St.Lucia national bird; it has colorful feather as the inhabitant it lives. The bird is now considered as the endangered animal which its populations remain 500 birds only and can only be found in the island. The bird is very pretty as it has a blue head, green wings and yellow sun tail feather.

  1. Snorkel Anse Chastanet

Anse Chastanet is the best diving spot in St. Lucia. The volcanic cliffs sink down to the ocean thousand years ago and become the part of the underwater life. Thousands of crayon-colored corals and tropical fish can be found here.

  1. The Drive-in Volcano

The local people know this place as Sulphur Spring. The drive in the volcano is the accessible road to the dormant of Soufriere volcano. Visitors can drive up right to the edge of the volcano which fills with a crater. The best part of this tour is visitors can get natural mud baths which the local people believe it can enhance skin complexion.

There are also festivals in St. Lucia and the biggest one is Sain Lucia Jazz Festival. Lists of beautiful places, culture and festivals can be enough reason to add St. Lucia into holiday wishlist.

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