It is no doubt that Marrakech is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Morocco. This Moroccan city is well known for its incredible tourist sites and plenty of first-class accommodations to make your stay in this city more enjoyable and comfortable. In addition to that, many tourists who decide to stay in Marrakech for their Moroccan tours due to the fact that reaching an array of fascinating tourist hotspots is very easy. Thus, when you think you have seen enough interesting sides of Marrakech, you can still take several day trips that will take you to the many wonderful places outside the town. Parted only four hours of driving from Marrakech, Essaouira has become a very popular destination for many tourists in Marrakech. Along your journey from Marrakech to Essaouira, you can treat your eyes to the great scenery of beautiful mountains.

Essaouira is a resort city which you can easily reach from Marrakech with a two or three-hour drive. There are plenty of Marrakesh tours or day trips that will take you to Essaouira and get back to your Marrakech hotel or riad on the same day. If you like to take a day trip, make sure that you start the trip in the morning so that you can head back to your hotel before nightfall.

To some people, the resort city of Essaouira is known as Mogador. It was the Portuguese who coined this name. Once you arrive at the city of Essaouira, make sure that you can visit the most interesting sites to make the most of your visit. It is quite common that the guided tour you take on will take you to a beautiful beach or port in Essaouira. Some other tours actually offer you an opportunity to discover the Argan oil. This infamous export is manufactured by the Women’s Co.

A tour that will take you to the port in Essaouira is also an interesting choice. This city is home to one of the oldest ports in the world. You can witness the port activity which never takes place 24 hours a day. This type of tour has turned out to be among the most favorite tours to many Essaouira visitors.

If you start your trip from your Marrakech hotel in the morning, it is more likely that you will find your lunchtime in Essaouira. Having lunch in this city has been very interesting to many tourists especially if you happen to be a huge fan of seafood. You can find an array of local seafood eateries to meet your appetite. Many types of fish grills are highly recommended for the first-timers. The city of Essaouira is a perfect spot to spend your vacation. Not only that you can visit many interesting tourist sites within a day’s tour from Marrakech, but the atmosphere in this city is also very relaxing. If you like to call an end to your day trip, make sure that you make a stop at the municipal market to fill your bags with unique souvenirs.