When you plan to make an African visit, you certainly fill your mind with wildlife tours that allow you to be interested in the exotic animals in person. However, there is a part of Africa that offers a completely different nuance to every visitor. If you visit Morocco, you will be provided with an array of fascinating tourist sites filled with Arabian and European touches. This country has so many interesting sites to offer that will make your vacation more enjoyable.

It seems like every tourist comes with their own reasons when visiting this country. If you come to Morocco to discover its cultural heritage, then you must know which places to visit or to stay. Morocco and its major cities have become very popular tourist destinations for many travelers from every corner of the planet. However, should you care about witnessing the cultural heritage of this country, staying in a world-class hotel with highly comfortable rooms would not be an appropriate choice. It would be best for you to embrace yourself and try a totally different experience by staying in a traditional Moroccan house known as the riads.

The traditional houses can be found in a number of locations and cities of this country though are might be rather difficult to find the one with original structure and functionality. Since you come to Morocco with a very tight schedule, then finding the riads in Rabat would save you plenty of time. Rabat is the capital city of Morocco and reaching this large city is much easier than some other locations. There are plenty of riads in Rabat and some of them have been transformed into public spaces and museums. Fortunately, some of the riads in Rabat have now come in the form of hotels or guest houses. This type of riads would be the perfect choice for those people who like to experience the Moroccan traditional life in person. Despite the fact that they are not on the same level as sophisticated and highly comfortable rooms at a top-class hotel, the riads can be a great choice for your accommodation.

More about Rabat, the Capital City

Rabat is obviously not the most recognized city in Morocco. However, the fact that this capital city is now home to an array of fascinating tourist hotspots has made it a great city to visit. Visitors from many different countries are simply fascinated by the enchanted ambiance of this city. There are so many things that you can do and see to make your Moroccan vacation more enjoyable. It would be a great spot to start your Moroccan tour especially when you have never been to this African nation before in your life.

The Best Riads in Morocco

The riads can be found in a number of different cities in Morocco. Besides Rabat, you can also find them in Marrakech. However, should you care about exploring the best riads in the country, the right city to visit would be Rabat. This is where the Kasbah of the Udayas resides. This tourist site allows you the experience the traditional life of Moroccan people practiced ages ago in person. This traditional village was built in the 12th century. The authority and the local residents have done a great job in preserving the traditional look and the historical structures. Not only that the traditional houses still in good condition, but you shall find them complemented with beautiful flowers. They seem to fully understand the necessity to preserve this area. It has turned out to be a very unique heritage that attracts thousands of tourists every year. It is now a fantastic monument that shows the cultural richness of Morocco.