After having such a busy life full of works, you need time to relax yourself. You have to balance yourself. It is not good to have too much stress. You have to release it sometimes. Going somewhere for holiday with your family, friends or loved ones seems to be the best solution for that problem. There are so many places in this world that you need to visit. If you are planning to go to Europe, you have to definitely visit a very beautiful village with a wonderful architecture and culture called Portofino. This village is located in Italy. Portofino is actually popular as a fishing village that is also known as vacation resort for most of its visitors. There is a small harbor there and some beaches near the village. They are Camogli beach, Lavagna beach, Paraggi beach, Chiavari beach and Sestri Levante beach. Those beaches make many more people wanting to go there. There are several main sights that you will see in Portofino. They are Christ of the Abyss statue that is quite popular. Also there are Castello Brown, Oratory of Santa Maria Assunta, St. George Church, and Church of St.Martin. There is also a history that is very important for local people and also all Italian.

The Perfect Time to Go to Portofino

In planning a holiday, the first thing you need to know is about the perfect time you should go there. You will be spending much money for this holiday, so you better make a well planned trip so that it will not be waste of your money. This area is quite mild, the temperature is rarely hot or too cold. In autumn, it tends to be rainy, so it is not really a matter when to go there. Anytime can be a perfect time in Portofino.

Things You Have To Do in Portofino

Going to Portofino without knowing anything beforehand is such a waste of time. That is why we provide some information about what you better not miss when you are having holiday in Portofino. Make sure to note this information so that you will have a perfect holiday there. When you are there, you have to try the local cocktails that are made from spumante and pomegranate. The local people are the ones who made it. After that, you need to try all the local cuisine that is only available in Portofino. There are so many delicious local foods such as mussels that is usually served with cheese, sea bream that is cooked together with potatoes and olives, mushroom pie, etc. All of them are so delicious and you will not find anything like that on other places. Even though it is labeled as it, there will be still differences.

The next thing to do is relaxing yourself in some beaches near the regions. It is a very fun thing to do. You have to also see many people fishing since it is a fishing village. Do not forget to take many pictures there because every corner of Portofino is definitely an art. Buying some souvenirs before going back home is also a very good idea.