Being one of the most significant cities in Portugal, Porto also proudly presents its rich heritage. With its impressive architecture and ancient monuments, it just only waits to be discovered by tourists. But to those who have been in the city, they consider this as the best travel destination for its art, design, architecture, culture, history, music, monuments, books and wide.

For several days or more, you can plan your entire trip and try all other things to do like:

Go Out on a Boat Trip

A lot of visitors love to plan a trip on a boat in Porto, Portugal for its expansive beaches. This is truly a remarkable experience as you can explore the beaches, especially those found in Algarve.

Attend Nightlife in Porto

You must take the time to attend a nightlife event in Porto for you to never be disappointed. The sophistication and the soulfulness are all felt right from visiting the main areas. There are also nightspots around to visit wherein you can get a good taste of life and of everything. The mood in the bars, cafés and restaurants is inclusive and upbeat. And, these places are perfect for drinking a glass of local beer and port wine and making new friends.

Take Part in the City’s Festival

If you want to experience something new, take part in the city’s festival and get a real taste of Portugal. Actually, the festival has been celebrated in one or another for the past few centuries. It was just in the latter years that it became imprinted in the culture of people.

When you take part in this celebration, you can be mesmerized by the pagan rituals and the religious elements including flirting and costumed parades. Such a big preparation and big-scale affair, this city is colorful and effective. Even the narrow streets are populated with ancient and beautiful buildings that leave you enthralled and amazed.

In the early hours of the day, the music will begin and costumes will appear with the party that is going for real. In the afternoon, the streets will be filled with dancing and eating of meat and grilled sardines, including sipping of ice cool bottles and barbecue.

While many restaurants, clubs and bars open their doors to the public, a lot of drink street and food stalls can also be found that meet the needs of visitors. The fireworks will also mean the end of a party and the leisurely route will establish the connection between the beach and the city centre.

Take part in the celebration of the festival and be one of those lucky visitors. Joining the festival will truly bring you the utmost satisfaction.

With the many interesting things to do in Porto, Portugal, you surely will be impressed and amazed to visit it in the first place. There will be no room for boredom as the city boasts of its festivals, gatherings, and activities, especially those intended for children. When you want to visit the city with your friends and family, you can just do so and enjoy!