The parish of Portland is regarded as the most naturally beautiful part of Jamaica. Port Antonio is the capital of the parish. The alluring beaches, rustic properties and unique attractions set Portland apart from the other parishes in Jamaica. Portland is also not a mass market tourism area but instead caters to travellers seeking more environmentally friendly and cultural experiences. We will explore some of the exciting things to do when visiting the parish of Portland. 

Blue Mountain Bicycle Tour

The Blue Mountain is a picturesque mountain range and is home to the world-renowned Blue Mountain Jamaica Coffee. The Bicycle Tour is a thrilling downhill bicycle ride through the mountainside and hills giving you the opportunity to see the beautiful island of Jamaica from one of its highest points. This tour is ideal for everyone – whether you take the entire family along or you just do it by yourself. You will experience the world-famous Blue Mountain and the tranquil, lush countryside of Portland and you can take as many photographs as you need! If you are in the Port Antonio area, the Blue Mountain Bicycle Tour is a fun thing that you should do.

Reach Falls

Reach Falls is an unspoiled gem nestled in the rainforest of Port Antonio. This waterfall is as natural as it gets, and you can walk, swim or wade your way to the edge of the falls and then jump below to enjoy the magnificent water. The Reach Falls is generally not crowded, so you will feel at ease and just enjoy the tranquil experience. This Reach Fall is very accessible, making it a must visit attraction in Port Antonio.

Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon is seven miles out of Port Antonio and is surrounded by dense vegetation. The Lagoon gets its blue colour from the sky and the thick vegetation that surrounds it. The lagoon is made up of fresh and salted water since the surface of the lagoon meets the service of the Caribbean Sea. It is a widely held view that the lagoon is bottomless; however, experts have checked the depth of the lagoon and have estimated it to be around 200 feet deep. This attraction is perfect for swimming and diving and is another natural gem in the parish of Portland.

Winifred Beach

This is a favourite public beach in Portland; it is a beautiful place to relax and enjoy the waves of the Caribbean Sea in a calm environment. You will also find local vendors on the beach selling a variety of local items – from local food to local craft items. This is the perfect place just to unwind and escapes the stresses of life which is something that we all need to do from time to time.

Boston Jerk

If you love Jamaican jerk, you will enjoy Boston Portland. Boston is the birthplace of jerk and is approximately 25 minutes away from Port Antonio. If you are in Port Antonio, you should not miss the opportunity to visit Boston to learn about the history of jerking in addition to enjoying the most authentic jerk you will find anywhere in the world.