Before you visit a tourist destination, you need to come up with a well thought traveling plan. It is necessary to make your vacation more enjoyable. Every tourist destination has a number of different tourist attractions, thus, it is important for you to recognize what kind of travel you like to have before choosing the right destination to visit. If you like to have a delightful Moroccan tour and discover the best coastal resorts in the country, then the best place to visit would be the city of Agadir. This city is home to a long beach that stretches up to 8 kilometers. Despite the fact that it is a very long coastal resort for tourists, this place turns out to be a very clean area. In addition to its cleanliness, the Agadir beach is also well known for its golden sands.

However, that does not mean that the city of Agadir is the right for the beach lovers only. There are still many other interesting sites in Agadir that will make your vacation more fun and enjoyable. Little that you know that this city is also famous for its sightseeing delights and shopping heavens. A day trip in Agadir might be sufficient to explore the best natural sites in the area and drain your pocket in the souk.

Creating One Fine Day in Agadir

Agadir has turned out to be one of the most popular destinations in Morocco. It should not be too surprising to see plenty of top class hotels and Moroccan villas in this area. If you like to stay away from the hectic life of the city of Agadir, you are most welcome to stay in a Moroccan villa in Agadir instead of staying in a hotel. This type of Agadir accommodation will be a perfect choice for the travelers who like to enjoy a relaxing break and its beautiful surroundings. Moreover, staying in a Moroccan villa will make it a lot easier for you to shop and enjoy the incredible sightseeing experience. Reaching the most exciting tourist sites in Agadir like the relaxing beaches and local souks should be very easy from a Moroccan villa.

You can always start your Agadir day tour by taking a trip to the beach. You can spend plenty of time in the beach location for swimming, sun bathing, surfing, various war sports or some other leisure activities around the beach. The beautiful golden sand and great views of the horizon will make stay on the beach for quite a while. Once you are done with exploring the beauty of the beach, you might want to quench your shopping passion by visiting the souk. You can find almost anything you need in the market. It is quite obvious that the souk of Agadir is a perfect place for you to purchase some souvenirs with a more affordable price. More interestingly, you can make the transactions with the local Berbers.

If you already have your pocket empty after shopping at the market, you might want to visit the old Kashbah. This would be a great place for you to roundup your entire day trip before you end the day by resting in your Moroccan villa or hotel. From this place, you can enjoy the great view of the whole city and its beautiful beaches. Moreover, you can also have the best view of all the interesting tourist destinations located in the city of Agadir. In order to make this outing activity more fun, make sure that you take a camel ride provided by the local people. If you think you have discovered all the interesting sites in Agadir, you can simply get back to your hotel and enjoy the most comfortable rest.