When it talks about the best and most beautiful cities in this world, people will never forget to mention Paris. It is one of the most inviting cities in France that everybody is longing for. This city promises a place for love, romance and friendship.

The seductive charm of Paris, France is legendary. It is well-known for gleaming boutiques, high-class restaurants, world-class museums, and inviting cafes. All of these spots emphasize confidence, fashion and beauty that continue to attract travelers worldwide.

Points to Remember When in Paris

The thought of being in a new city or country can be so exciting. However, you have to bear in mind that there are rules and policies that each city and country implements. Now, if you are planning to go to Paris for a vacation, then consider the following points to guide you and achieve the best experience in your life.

As much as possible, do not book for the cheapest hotels in the city. There are high quality and world-class hotels in this city that do not give too expensive bills and charges. Do not deprive yourself of comfort, safety and convenience when you deserve something better.

Your manners can make or break your happy vacation. Be friendly and conscious of other people around you. The key is to be courteous and calm at all times.

Smile is always the best thing you can bring in your journey to Paris. It is the key to finding contentment and happiness wherever you are in this city.

Free Things to Do

Even if you are in Paris, France, it does not necessarily mean that you have to spend cash to enjoy the life that this place offers. All you need is to conduct a little research and discover that there are things you can do for free in Paris. Here are some of them:

Jardin des Plantes – It is a botanical garden that came from royal menagerie and medicinal garden. It has been existing for years. Jardin des Plantes has been surrounded by a local park with ice-cream stalls and playground. There is also a scientific institution established with tropical greenhouses, Alpine rockery and dye and medicinal plant displays. You can walk through to enjoy the fresh atmosphere and watch stuffed animals displayed in their respective habitat.

Parc des Buttes-Chaumont – This belongs to the parks developed by Engr. Jean-Charles Alphand and Baron Haussmann in 1860s. For many locals and tourists, it gives the best romantic experience. It is surrounded by bridges, giant cedars, palm trees, fake crags and waterfall.

Place des Vosges – This structure was developed in 1605 by Henri IV. This arcaded square has also restaurants and galleries. There is a doorway leading to Faubourg-St-Antoine going to Hoel de Sully courtyards.

The kind of life that Paris brings can be very inviting and irresistible to others. It has unique qualities that make this city unforgettable and memorable. When it comes to romantic places, Paris has a lot of places and attractions to offer.