Some holiday destinations are famous for their great features and some of them are well known for their natural wonders. Other than that, there are many tourist sites in the world that gained a great deal of popularity for being cited in a successful movie. Let us take the Nottingham Caste for example, there were not so many people outside England who knew its existence before the a number of Robin Hood movies hit the film industry. We cannot hide the fact that this tourist destination is filled with an array of fascinating attractions. But, the movie has played a great role in increasing the popularity of this place. It has become a very popular tourist destination in the world. The “Queen of the Midlands” has so many things to offer to every visitors. You can have a great time by visiting the Nottingham itself or exploring the county.

The History of Nottingham Castle

The Castle of Nottingham actually sits on top of a wealth of man-made caves. These caves were carved into the rocks beneath and many of them are filled with ancestry from the medieval times. It was the first Duke of Newcastle responsible for establishing the Nottingham Castle. The Duke managed to come up with a 17th century Ducal mansion right above the original Medieval Castle. The original castle itself is believed to be the 11th century Norman castle built by William the Conqueror in 1067. Today, this particular castle is seen as the main museum and art gallery in the city. You can find plenty of visual art collections here. There are also a large number of historical and cultural items in the castle that mostly come in forms of silver and glass objects. All the artifacts you see have witnessed the long history of Nottingham.

What You Need to Visit in Nottingham Castle

The Medieval castle is home to a number of different attractions for tourists. I can assure you that the city museum and art gallery are not the only things that attract thousands of tourists to come and visit this site every year. If you visit the Nottingham Castle for a great vacation, make sure that you pay the Trip to Jerusalem a visit. This pub is considered as the Mecca for every visitors who come to city or castle of Nottingham. This pub offers you a different experience and is more likely to make your vacation more enjoyable.

The pub of the Trip to Jerusalem is carved into the walls and it has a direct link to the Nottingham Castle. Before the Knights set off for the Holy Land, they usually gathered in this particular pub. Perhaps, that is how the pub got their name.

Make sure that you also visit a local brewery called the Castle Rock as it demonstrates a tie to the domestic attraction. If you happen to be a huge fan of beer, it would be best for you to visit the Nottingham Castle when the annual Robin Hood Beer Festival takes place.