Japan will be always the best destination for holiday in Asia. Do you know why? It is for seeing the unique culture that mostly people have. You might not believe that there is a wonderful garden to visit. If you are in Osaka, you should make a plan to go to Nishinomaru Garden. A wonderful garden is made for tourism. Here, we will talk about that garden in detail. You will know about how to get there, what you will see and the unique things in that garden. So, just stay here and find the information.

Nishinomaru Garden is located near Osaka Castle Park. People know this place for its unique construction. There are two parts in Osaka Castle Park. They are outer western moat and Easter moat. Between those moats, Nishinomaru Garden is located. Therefore, when you visit Osaka Castle Parks, you should make a plan to go to Nishinomaru Garden with your friends. Your tourists guide will accompany you.

Why You Should Go To Nishinomaru Garden

What will we see in Nishinomaru Garden? You might ask that question. Okay, we will give you the short description about that place. In Nishinomaru Garden, you will see plenty flowers in one place. They are coming from Japanese flowers that you might not find in the other countries. However, the most beautiful thing to find in Nishinomaru Garden is the cherry blossom. The white cherry will give you something nice in the blossom season.

For going to that place, you should wait for the opening session. Nishinomaru Garden is opened from 09.00 to 05.00 except on Monday. Dealing with the ticket, you should prepare more budget. For a single person, the ticket will be sold for 600 yen. You may converse it in dollars or you want to count by yourself using dollars. If you reach this place by train, you should walk for 5 minutes from the station. Osaka train station is not so far from this place.

You can enjoy seeing the beautiful flowers in Nishinomaru Garden. Taking some pictures will be the interesting thing to do. You can take the beautiful flowers pictures for some angles. Then, you can take some pictures of yourself with the flower background. We know that it will be the nice place to take some pictures with your friends. After spending hours in that place, you may go outside to look for the food.

There are so many traditional restaurants around Nishinomaru Garden. If you want to taste the Japanese food, the restaurant will give you the best food with the best service. Alternatively, you may stay near Nishinomaru Garden for a night. You may book a hotel. Okay, it seems that you have to stop working and make a plan to go to that place. We know that you will find the best place to enjoy your holiday. Japan will be the best destination if you want to know about Asian culture.