There are many places in Morocco that can be a great place for your vacation. However, choosing one of them could become quite a challenge especially when you have no idea about what the interesting  sites have to offer. If you like to visit one of the imperial cities of Morocco that has two different faces, both modern and ancient looks, you might as well consider the city of Meknes for your next Moroccan tour.

This Moroccan city is divided into two different parts. The ville nouville of also known as the Hamrya in Arabic would be the modern side of the city. You should spend most of your vacation in this area should you wish not to be parted from the exciting entertainment and modern facilities. In this side of Meknes, you shall be indulged with great entertainment facilities like hotels, restaurants and cinemas. However, if you like to have a more unique Meknes tour filled with ancient remnants, then you migth as well head to the old part of the city known as the Medina. This side of the city allows you to enjoy a number of grand monuments such as the mausoleum of Moulay Ismail, the Royal Golf course and etc. In order to have a pleasant visit in the old part of Meknes, make sure that you follow all the codes. The mausoleum and the mosques in Meknes are the places for Muslims to practice their holy prayers. The non-Muslims travelers are still allowed to view the entrance as long as they are properly dressed up. However, they are not allowed to enter the Islamic sites.

A single day in Meknes might be enough for you to explore one of the parts of Meknes. You can either choose to visit the modern side of the city and have a great time enjoying all the modern entertainment facilities or decide to spend most of your day exploring the historical and religious sites in the Medina part of Meknes. Otherwise, you can also have a taste of both different places in this Moroccan city as the same day. The bridge that connects these two different sides of Meknes has made it more possible to explore them all in one single day. There are lots of petit taxis in the city to help travel from one side to the other side more easily. In order to make your travel more convenient, you can always make a stop at a McDonalds along the bridge. This fast food restaurant would be a great spot for you to pause your Meknes tour.

The petit taxis have become a more preferable means of transportation for many visitors in the city of Meknes. However, should you look for a more inexpensive public transportation that will take you to anywhere in the city, you can always choose to take on the town’s bus. The bus service is surely a more efficient choice and the fact that it covers the entire town has made it a more interesting option. You can simply enjoy the entire city just by taking the bus. However, the town’s bus is more likely to overcrowd especially during the holiday season.

One of the most important aspects in every visit that you make to your most favored tourist destination would be choosing the best accommodation. When it comes to visiting Meknes, you are recommended to stay in the modern side of the city due to the fact that most hotels are located in this area. After all, reaching the Medina of Meknes from the ville nouville will only take 30 minutes of walk. Taking a cab would be a more convenient option whatsoever.

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