New York is the chosen destination for thousands of tourists every month. Everyone has heard the virtues of the state- “It’s where the action is!” and “The city never sleeps!” If you’re planning a trip to the state, there are some things you should know to make the most of your visit. Here are some of the best tips to tackle New York for beginners.

First of all, New York can be expensive. There’s a reason why small studio apartments are listed as some of the most expensive in the country. The good news though is that New York is manageable, you just have to know some lesser-known facts to maneuver. If you are determined to visit the Empire State Building, for example, you are going to pay top-dollar. On the other hand, there are plenty of free attractions or reasonably priced ones to entertain yourself.

Some museums in New York offer free night-time admission. The Whitney and Museum of Modern Art fall into this category. The Museum of Natural History and the Metropolitan both operate with “suggested admission”, which means you can pay what you want. There are also plenty of discounted theater tickets regularly available at TKTS ticket booths. Don’t forget about Central Park! The park is completely free all the time and offers miles of landscape, sculptures, events, and walkways.

Second, a New York travel guide has to include dining tips. Again- New York is not known for its cheap food. Still- the diversity of the state allows enough options for every budget. Committing to avoiding Midtown is going to save you a lot of time and money. Many delis have full salad bars to enjoy lunch. This is a convenient option for visitors who would like to save on lunch and put more money into a nice dinner. A humongous Whole Foods Market can be found on 14th street and it has a great view of Union Square Park. Many green-markets, or farmer’s markets, visit weekly so you can take advantage of the cost-efficient and delicious produce.

Finally, New York for beginners includes a dining guide. This is where you can find plenty of options. Types of cuisine are plentiful. Polish, Italian, American, Afghanistan, Asian, Ukrainian, and Russian are just a few of the various options for dining. There are 24-hour dining establishments and many delivery options. A good tip is to vary your dining throughout the week so you are able to make the most of your visit.

A New York travel guide is essential for beginners. There is no location that rivals the city but knowing how to manage your trip is vital. Do some research and follow basic tips but then have a great time on your New York vacation!