Morocco has a number of great cities to visit. They are mostly filled with historical sites and are rich in cultural heritage. Every city in Morocco has their own charms and choosing one of them to visit might be quite a challenge. If you like to have a beautiful Moroccan adventure filled with mystery, then the best place to visit in Morocco is none other than the city of Marrakech.

Marrakech has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Morocco, it should not be very hard for you to find great hotels and convenient accommodations. Despite the fact that you shall be provided with convenient facilities and delightful amenities in your hotel, you should never let them keep you away from exploring the greatness of Marrakesh. In addition to their top class hotels, Marrakech has an array of exotic sites to visit and pull you from our comfortable beds. This city is a more appropriate destination for the travelers with adventurous nature.

There are so many exciting tourist hotspots in Marrakech that a single day trip will not be sufficient to discover them all. You certainly need more than a week in this exotic city to witness all the fascinating sites and make your holiday more memorable. Make sure that you have plenty of time or days in your schedule to explore the beach resorts, deserts, mountain ranges and the countryside area in this city. Thanks to the great development in its infrastructure by the authority has made it very easy for many travelers to reach the most marvelous sites in the city of Marrakesh. This Moroccan city is well surrounded by a large number of exciting sites for tourists, you shall find no trouble in reaching those locations.

Visiting the Ourika Valley

There are numerous tourist hotspots that you can reach from Marrakech, you have all the freedom to choose which of them to start you Moroccan tour. If you like to treat your eyes with the natural attractions, you can start your trip by visiting the Ourika Valley. This would be a perfect spot for those who love to have great adventure in Morocco. Not only that you can enjoy the natural valley, you might stand a chance to enjoy the astonishing waterfalls. The excitement of Ourika Valley is already started even when you are still on the road. Along your journey to the valley, you shall be indulged with great views of the Berber villages. These beautiful and traditional villages were built in the 16th and 17th century and they are made of clay. There are plenty of traditional Moroccan houses along the road and they will take you to experiencing the traditional life practiced since the ancient time. If you like to have a more adventurous and challenging trip, you can reach this valley through a rafting expedition.

The Ouzoud Cascades

If you are still thirsty for more natural adventures, you are most welcome to visit the Ouzoud Cascades. With more than 330 feet high, the Ouzoud waterfalls have to be the main attractions of this tourist site and the fact that they are nicely covered by luxuriant and exuberant vegetation has made them a more exciting place to visit. In fact, the Ouzoud Cascades have turned out to be the most stunning sights in the southern area of this country. Along the road that will take to the location of the natural valley, you can treat your eyes by enjoying the beautiful views of the Kasbahs and the olive groves of Damnate.

Ouzoud Waterfalls

Ouzoud Waterfalls located in the high Atlas Mountains, in the Azilal province in Morocco

In addition to your natural adventures in Marrakech, make sure that you fill your vacation with tasting the authentic cuisine and interact with the friendly local people for a more memorable holiday.