Each time you try to find a great spot for your summer holiday, it is more likely that the island of Fiji come across our mind. Many travelers in the world have considered Fiji island as the perfect place for them to lay back,  relax their muscles and enjoy a great amount of sun light. You have the freedom to visit this holiday destination as a solo traveler or take some of your close friends of family with you. The island of Fiji is also a nice site for a romantic vacation with your loved one. Either way, you will easily enjoy the moment of your life in this famous tourist destination. If I had to point out the most fascinating tourist site in the Fiji Island, then the Mamanuca island would sit on the top of the list. The fact that this place is one of the most established resort areas in the island of Fiji has made it worth more than a single visit.

Things to Do in Mamanuca Island

The beauty of the island Mamanuca must have been familiar especially to those who have watched a Hollywood blockbuster movie entitled Cast Away. The beauty of this island was also well described in the Survivor: Fiji. What make this island so popular is that it provides every traveler with the myriad of stunning leisure activities that will keep everyone of you well entertained. Thus, there is no need to have a hesitation when it comes to taking all your family to this fascinating Fijian tourist destination. You can make the most of your Mamanuca vacation through a number of exciting water sports including windsurfing and parasailing. Visiting this island gives you a great opportunity to watch pods of dolphins in person as well. Other than that, this place is very famous for some of the best surf breaks in the world. There are many other under water activities that you can do in the area of Mamanuca Island and diving has to be one of the best ways to enjoy this beautiful island.

Places to Visit in Mamanuca Island

You can find a number of smaller islands in Mamanuca such as Beachcomber Island, Mana Island and Qalito Island. All these three islands have many things to offer to every traveler. Once you visit Mamanuca, make sure that you are aware of the best things to do here. Not only that you have to spare some time for enjoying the South Beach and Sunset Beach, taking on a Fijian trekking and Castaway island day trip have been familiar choices to many travelers.

Should you care to dive in the area, make sure that you know which sections of the island that offer incredible diving experience. Pleasure Point, Namotu and Seven Sisters are among the most popular sites for divers as they are home to stunning under water life.

Since Mamanuca Island is home to an array of stunning tourist hotspots, make sure that you visit this place with plenty of time and flexible schedule.