Between Beautiful Scenery and Fascinating History
Indonesia is not only famous for its long line beach but also the mountain range. There are thousands of volcanoes spread from Sumatra Island to the east side of Indonesia. The numbers of volcanoes result in fertile land, diverse flora and fauna. One of the beautiful lakes in North Sumatra is formed because of the eruption of an ancient volcano. Million years ago, one of the volcanoes, Mount Toba in North Sumatra erupted. The massive eruption of Mount Toba emitted volcano erupts in in large number which covers most of world wide areas and cause massive death and reduce the world’s population up to 60% from the total human and become the cause of some animal extinction at that time. According to research, the eruption of this mount affects the climate change and make the earth enters the ice age. From the eruption, Mount Toba is formed into massive caldera lake which called Lake Toba.

Different from the scientific theory, the local people believe in one story. Once upon a time, there was a young man who was fishing in a river. He got a fish that able to speak and it begged him not to kill. Then the fish turned into beautiful women named Toba. They were got married later under one condition from Toba that the man should never say about her background. Their marriage life was fine until their son, Samosir, was born. The boy is always rude and hungry. One day, Toba asked Samosir to send his father meal who worked in the field. Instead of sending off the meal, Samosir ate all the meal by himself. The father who had already been hungry decided to go home and found that Samosir was eating his meal. The father was furious, and he accidentally told that Samosir was the son of a fish. In a flash, the sky was getting dark and heavy rainfall. Both the ground and sky were flowing huge amount of water. By the time the village was filled with water, both Toba and Samosir disappeared. The local people believe, they became Lake Toba and Samosir Island.

Lake Toba is the largest lake in South East Asia and the second-largest in the world after Lake Victoria. This lake also considers as the deepest lake in the world. In the middle of the lake, there is an Island which calls Samosir Island. This is a unique island because of it is located in the middle of the caldera lake. There are two small lakes on the lake, Sidihoni Lake, and Aek Natonak Lake. Nowadays, more people coming to this island for a holiday. The beautiful scenery and nice weather become the main attractive points of this island. Throughout the years, more resort and hotels are built in this area to serve more visitors.

The famous places in Samosir Island are Tomok and Tuktuk Village in which offer historical tourism object of the island. Most visitors stay in Tuktuk Village since there are lots of hotels and resort here. The nice and cool weather and fascinating history of local heritage make Lake Toba and Samosir Island become the favorite place in Indonesia.

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