Indonesia has many breath-taking places that need to be explored day by day. Among many tourist attractions that we can find, there is a place which needs to be listed in our plan. This place is called as Kelimutu Lake which located in Ende regency, Flores Island. The lake is actually on a mountain which has the same name, Kelimutu. This mountain is one of the mountains that is more than one thousand meters high in Indonesia. Thus, the lake is like a hidden treasure because one should take a trip through a long and rocky road to reach the place. The prominent thing about this place is the three different colors of lake that surely will leave you breathless with excitement. According to the mythology, the lake is a resting place of the departed souls.

The Wonderful Three Colored Lakes in Kelimutu

Kelimutu Lake was first discovered by Van Such Telen, a Dutch military high commander in 1915. The place then became more popular after Bouman noted about this lake in 1929. The lake consists of three different lakes. Each lake has different color. The one in the western side has blue color. And the other two lakes have green and red color. The two lakes are separated by the same crater wall. The colors of the lake may change periodically. However, the colors changes are said to be unpredictable. No one can predict when and what colors the lake will change into. The colors can vary from blue, green, red, white or even black. This natural phenomenon can be an exciting attraction for all travelers after took a long journey to the mountain.

The tourists coming from the outside of the island usually go there by plane. The two nearest airport are Frans Seda Airpost in Maumere and H.Hasan Aroboesmanairport in Ende. After arriving at the airport, tourists then can take a drive to Moni which is the closest village from Kelimutu Mountain. The drive takes for about 3 hours. However, the journey is still not ended yet at Moni. To reach Kelimutu Lake, tourists should take another trip through the Kelimutu Mountain. It can be done by trekking or driving a car. Hotels will not be found at Moni village because it is a traditional village. For those who want to stay at hotels may go to Ende or Maumere instead.

Surrounded by forest, the Kelimutu Lake has a number of both flora and fauna. Most of the species are endemic which means they cannot be found anywhere else on earth. The best time to visit the lake is in the early morning. At that time, the fog surrounding the mountain cleared so visitors will be able to see breath taking view of the lake along with beautiful sunrise. You should go there with your friends or family to enjoy the lake together. Also it’s good to take pictures there because of its beautiful view. So if you are visiting Indonesia, then Kelimutu Lake is one of the interesting places that is really recommended.

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