If you have planned to have a vacation time, make Lebanon as your best destination to go. Do you know why? It is so because there is a beautiful place to go. It is Jeita Grotto. Have you ever heard this place from your friends or your families? Okay, we will talk about that destination in detail. What you see there will be something great that you will not forget for the best of your life.

The Stalactite and Stalagmite in Jeitta Grotto

For reaching Jeitta Grotto, you should book a flight to Beirut first. Then, make a local transportation. It is about 20 kilometer from Beirut. Sp, you may stay in Beirut for a night before going to that place. Driving with car will be something unforgettable. Do you know why? It is so because you will see the situation in Beirut with the busy road and cars. The tourist guides will give you some explanation about the situation and condition in Lebanon. You will find the information about the unique culture in that country. Are you interested in that culture also?

In Jeita Grotto, you will see a stalactite and stalagmite cave. Actually, the length of the cave is about 2.200 meter. It is quality long for the common cave. But for the tourism place, you only may observe it for 750 meters only. The rest of it is prohibited area for some reasons. When you are in the cave, you will feel different situation. The cave has great look of stalactite and stalactite that you never found in the other place before.

In the back part of the cave, you will find the under land river. For reaching the end of the cave, you should use boat. The organizer of the cave has set the adventure for you. Therefore, when you have planned to go there, you should be ready for spending your energy. After spending hours to explore the cave with the stalactite and stalactite, you may go outside. There is a beautiful park in the outside of the cave.

You may take picture in the cave or in the park. Then, you may go to the souvenir shops near Jeita Grotto. Find the unique souvenir in that place. You might buy some for your friends and families. Dealing with the ticket, it is not so expensive. For adult tourists, you should spend $12. That is not so expensive for seeing the wonderful cave. Bit for children the price of ticket is not as expensive as the adult. It is about $6. You will not spend a lot of money for going inside the cave.

Now, you should set a plan to go there. Invite your friends and families to go with you. After spending time in the Jeita Grotto, you may come to Beirut for staying in a luxurious hotel. We know that you will like your vacation in Lebanon. There will be sets of memory in your mind about that wonderful caves and experience with the boat. So, just book flight tickets to Lebanon now.