Marrakech is a prefecture-level city in the region called Marrakech-Tensift-El Haouz in Morocco. This city is one of the four largest cities in Morocco. Since Morocco is on the north side of Africa, you’ll find many places in Morocco that have an exotic atmosphere. From many places with an exotic view, this city is the most favorite one. If you are searching for a tour ticket to Marrakech, you’ll find many travel agents with great tour plans for the city. It’s because that place has so many great places to visit. Are you wondering about the great places in there? Well, this article will tell you about some great places that you have to visit once you have a chance to go there.

First of all, you need to know the right times to visit Marrakech. Since this city is in Africa, it has more sun shines than other places in the world. So, it’ll be a bad idea if you visit in the summer. The right time to visit is around spring or autumn. Spring in that place is around April until June, while autumn is around September until November. During those periods, the weather keeps bright yet not too hot. You’ll get the perfect weather to walk around.

Now, let’s start with the nice tour that you should try when you go to Marrakech. There are many tour agents that provide Marrakech-Medina walking tour. This tour is a nice tour to Medina, the popular labyrinthine in the city. Usually, the tour agent will also include Bahia Palace and Photography Museum in the tour plan. In this tour plan, you’ll walk down together with other people in one group. It’s probably the best way to enjoy the tour in a group since not many people in Morocco are fluent in English. You can get quick help from the people in the tour group.

The first place that you’ll visit in Marrakech is the medina labyrinthine. You’ll visit the maze of souqs or we can say it’s like a big market. The local guide will escort you to walking through the alleyways that actually kind of confusing. You’ll find small streets after you go with one small street. But, you don’t need to worry about being lost or something like that since you have a local guide. Around the alleyways, you’ll find many small shops such as carpet shops, spice stalls, and many more. You can experience local interaction with people in the shops.

After that, you will go to Bahia Palace or local usually called it as Palais de Bahia. You’ll find many mosaics, numerous rooms with wide courtyards, natural fountains, and also woodwork. This place is the place where sultans and their wives lived. The local guide will tell you the story of the life of sultans and the wives. After that, your next stop would be at the Photography Museum of Marrakech. This museum is the most popular museum in the city. This museum has a 4,500 photos collection. Those photos are showing a glimpse of the city’s looks from a century ago. You will see the history of the city through the portrait. That will be so amazing, right? Anyway, these tours will last for about 4-5 hours. That’s not such a long tour, right?