The unique beauty and amusement in Zagreb, Croatia is incomparable. This place now belongs to the top list of best places to visit for getaways, trips and vacations. It is due to the reason that Zagreb boasts a lot of breathtaking attractions that anybody would want to come back again and again.

Zagreb is now becoming extremely popular worldwide because of its lakes, ancient buildings, parks, and historical heritage. This city brings pride and fame to the country of Croatia. In the future, it is expected to stand out among other cities and uplift its own name in the universe.

Zagreb, Croatia is an ideal place for people who love to explore the rich history of a country. Therefore, expect that it has great museums which are free. Every museum keeps historical pieces for locals and tourists.

Zagreb Cathedral

Croatia is always proud to introduce what it owns. One of them is the Zagreb Cathedral which is an institution of Roman Catholic and is known as the tallest structure in the country. This monumental cathedral started in eleventh (11th) century. From then on, there are already restorations and additions taken place.

Dolac Market

When it comes to purchasing items from dairy products, seafoods, meats and poutry, Dolac Market is the ultimate place to visit. Such place is comprised of numerous vendors who earn money from selling local produce. If you want to discover about the authentic products in this country, this is where you should go. Some of these local products include green vegetables, olive oil, rich cheeses, sweet mandarins and dried figs. You will also find homemade lace and fresh-cut flowers available for sale.

Museum of Contemporary Art

This museum is the country’s most modern and biggest museum. Its huge space has been occupied by occasional exhibitions. Museum of Contemporary Art got its multimedia hall, restaurant, café, bookstore and library. It contains about 12, 000 objects in which some of them are masterpieces of the best Croatian artists.


Zagreb’s central and popular cemetery is named as Mirogoj. Its mortuary, along with picturesque and impressive arcades made it more popular among other cemeteries across the globe. In addition, it goes along with Christ the King church which has been built by Architect H. Bolle (1883-1914). In some of its tombs lies some notable personalities and one of them is Drazen Petrovic, a basketball hero. These people brought significance to the history of the country.

Maksimir Park

This park gives a perfect atmosphere for relaxation. In this park, you will find Zagreb City Zoo situated in the east portion of the city. In fact, it is Zagreb’s biggest park which attracts kids and families.

The best time of the year to travel to Zagreb is July and June in which the days are longer and temperature is warmer. You can choose to make your travel to Zagreb, Croatia expensive or not. By simply considering some of these places that offer free happiness and excitement, you will have a memorable vacation with your friends, relatives and special ones.

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