There are many amazing countries in Asia that has so many things to offer to the travelers. Japan is an Asian country which has been very famous for their sophisticated technologies in various industries like automobile or gadget. This country is also a very popular country for many travelers from around the world for having an array of stunning tourist sites. If you plan to visit Okinawa, a city in Japan, this holiday season, make sure that you have Gyokusendo Cave in your schedule. This place is a beautiful illuminated cave filled with fascinating stalactites and stalagmites.

Beautiful Properties of The Illuminated Cave of Okinawa

Most travelers usually see natural caves the secondary option when it comes to tourist destinations. The fact that most caves that we visit are dark and quite spooky has made many travelers feel reluctant to make it their main destination. However, not all the caves are made the same way. The one located in Okinawa is far from being dark and spooky, the Gyokusendo Illuminated Caves in Japan is situated beneath the surface of the earth, yet you will be indulged with an incredible type of natural lighting.

The illumination in the Gyokusendo cave allows you to explore the area more thoroughly. In many other caves, seeing the formation of the cave can only be conducted with the help of flash light. The unique illumination in this Okinawan cave has made the cave formation more visible. You can now treat your eyes with the details of the edges and curves. You can also reveal the actual color of the inside part of the cave.

With five kilometers of length, you will have enough time to enjoy the beautiful stalagmites and stalactites within the cave. However, for the sake of the preservation of the illuminated cave as well as the safety of every visitor, you can only explore less than a kilometer inside the cave. Every visitor who wishes to enjoy the beauty of this unique natural cave can have a long walk covering 850 meters of the walkway. Since the walkway is nicely built above the cavern floor, you can easily treat your eyes with the beautiful sight within the cave. In order to help you explore the long walkway safely, a few benches are also provided. You can use them each time you need a short break from such a long journey inside the illuminated cave or pause for enjoying the underground river.

Japan has a number of cave series which are visited by lots of tourists every year and the Gyokusendo illuminated cave is known as the second largest series in this country. Being located in the southern park of Okinawa, reaching this incredible tourist site should be very easy. If you happen to be in Tamagusuku, it only takes a while to get to the illuminated cave location. The Gyokusendo illuminated cave itself is a part of the Okinawa World, a complete Japanese theme park in Nanjo city filled with historical, cultural and incredible natural sites.