Being a city, Hong Kong is also a global financial center and major port known for its tower-studded skyline. It is also basically known for its food scene like the high tea and dim sum. It brings out the best shopping experience for every tourist from the night market to the bespoke tailors. Below is the complete list of things you can do in Hong Kong, China.

Rent a Junk

One of the most common activities to try in the city is on renting a junk. If you are a visitor, you can partake in a seven-hour ride and enjoy an open bar and food. But really, this ride will give you a wonderful and great experience as you enjoy the water and other places.

Ride the Star Ferry

This is another interesting thing you can do in Hong Kong wherein you just need to pay a nominal fee. And, you will be treated to one of the best boar rides around the world that allows you to look at the skylines. You may as well choose to go out at night and hop on a ferry that lets you get back to your starting point.

Shop at the Street Markets

Another impressive thing to do in Hong Kong is to shop at the street markets that present their accessories and clothing items. You can also easily find everything you need such as watches, noodles and antiques, including electronics and other food items. You may also want to purchase goldfish, flowers, jade, birds, kitchenware and a whole lot more.

Visit the Historical Temples

Hong Kong is truly a home to the most historical religious sites and not just for its modernity. Thus, you can visit the historical temples including the Man Mo Temple. This, being the oldest, is known for its Taoist gods of war and literature. True believers can come here and leave burn incense and offerings.

You may as well choose to go to the so-called “Ten Thousand Buddhas Monastery” located in the New Territories. From this monastery, you can find five-hundred Buddhas that sit on both sides and thirteen thousand ceramic statuettes.

Stay and Enjoy in the Park

You can stay and enjoy in the park and then unwind that leaves you refreshed and relaxed. However, this does not exactly mean that there will be no such green space. All visitors can enjoy around and can stay in any of the leafy pathways and rock gardens making it the best place for all locals and visitors.

Victoria Park, being the biggest urban green space, also proudly introduced its facilities for swimming, tennis, lawn bowling, soccer, basketball and more. You may also choose to escape in the hustles and bustles of life by staying in Nan Lian Garden.

Actually, there are still more things you can do in Hong Kong, China as long as you have the money and the time!