Zagora, perched on the edge of the Sahara, is a gateway to some of the most breathtaking and authentic experiences Morocco has to offer. Whether you’re a history buff, adventure seeker, or nature lover, this region will captivate you. Here’s a personalized guide to help you explore Zagora and its surroundings with Desert Morocco Adventure.

Hiking Jebel Saghro with Desert Morocco Adventure

Let Desert Morocco Adventure guide you through the volcanic landscapes of Jebel Saghro. This unforgettable multi-day trek is an exploration of rugged beauty, where dramatic cliffs, deep gorges, and stunning plateaus unfold before your eyes. Your guides will share insights about the landscape, introduce you to nomadic Berber families, and help you experience the unique charm of this region while you camp under the brilliant night sky.

Hiking Jebel Saghro

Visit the Tamegroute Library

Just south of Zagora lies Tamegroute, a village known for its ancient library. Delve into centuries-old manuscripts that reveal the region’s scholarly past. Desert Morocco Adventure can arrange for a knowledgeable guide to accompany you and enrich your understanding of these historic texts.

Draa Valley Excursion

The lush Draa Valley offers a peaceful respite from the desert sands. With Desert Morocco Adventure, visit charming villages like Agdz, admire traditional architecture, and enjoy fresh dates from the valley’s famous palm groves. The village of Amezrou is a highlight for its silver jewelry and rich Jewish heritage.

Camel Trekking in the Sahara

Desert Morocco Adventure specializes in immersive camel treks that lead you into the heart of the Sahara Desert. Ride over the dunes, watch the sunset transform the sand into a fiery sea of gold, and spend the night at a cozy desert camp with Moroccan hospitality and mouthwatering cuisine. Nothing compares to waking up to a sunrise over the dunes.

Explore Zagora’s Souk

Let Desert Morocco Adventure guide you through the bustling souk, where you’ll find handicrafts, spices, and traditional Berber jewelry. It’s the perfect place to pick up a unique souvenir, whether a handmade carpet or beautifully crafted pottery.

Kasbah Tours

Desert Morocco Adventure can organize visits to historic kasbahs like Kasbah Amzrou and Kasbah Ait Isfoul, where the architecture and stories of the past come to life.

Quad Biking Excursions

For those with a need for speed, Desert Morocco Adventure offers quad biking tours across the dunes. Feel the thrill as you carve paths through the vast expanse of the Sahara.

Desert Morocco Adventure’s deep knowledge of Zagora and its surroundings ensures that every journey is as enriching as it is adventurous. Whether trekking Jebel Saghro or uncovering the hidden gems of the Draa Valley, you’ll have a truly unforgettable experience in this captivating region.