Our planet is home to a plethora of interesting places to visit. Visiting different places each holiday season that we have must be very exciting. Every traveler seems to have their own reasons  when it comes to choosing their most favorite tourist destination. Some people choose to go to the most beautiful beaches in the world in summer to enjoy a very relaxing time or to soak up the sun. Some other travelers choose to visit the peak of a mountain to have a more private vacation with their family. If you are looking for an unusual holiday plan, you might want to visit Glass Beach in Fort Bragg, California this season. What you see on this beach is nothing like any other view that you have on most other beaches on Earth. Started with a big mistake made by humans as we made this area a giant trash can in the past, nature has come up with a beautiful way to reclaim it.

The History of Glass Beach

It all started in 1906 when the surrounding area of Glass Beach was considered as a giant trash can for the public. At that moment, the local people threw almost anything at their disposal to the sea. This public dump was home to almost all kinds of garbage such as old cars, appliances, batteries, bottles, and cans as the local people have them all thrust over the cliffs into the Pacific Ocean. Surprisingly, the dumping activity has become contagious. Not only that it was done by the locals, we could see this harmful activity in many other sites along the coastline This bad habit was taking place for many decades before it was considered illegal in 1967. We began to realize our sin to the ocean and managed to control the dumping activities. Before the damage to nature became more severe, a number of clean-up programs were initiated.

Now, years after the initiation of the clean-up programs, Mother Nature has shown its significance in reclaiming the area of the beach. We can now see tons of polished glass on the beach deposited by the pounding wave action that took place for many years. As far as you can see the coastline on this beach, millions of pieces of glass sparkling will be your main sight. In addition to that, you can still see the remaining of the earlier life on a rusted spark plug. Each time you visit this unusual island, it is quite often that you are tempted to take some of the glass for souvenirs. However, you need to understand that such an act is highly prohibited. Every visitor should leave the glass on the beach so that our children and grandchildren will have the chance to enjoy this excitement.

The area of Glass Beach is now home to an array of interesting sea creatures including mollusks, crabs, and a large number of aquatic plants. Poking around the tide pool and witnessing the busy little world on the shore could be very fun and enjoyable.