Fort la Latte is a well-known tourist site rated with 2 stars in the Michelin Guide on the Côtes-d’Armor in northeastern Brittany and is one of the most visited castles in the region after the castle of the Dukes of Brittany which is actually the most important monument of the heritage of Nantes. This beautiful castle was built in the first half of the 14th century on a narrow rock in Fresnay Bay. There are also a number of movies and music clips shot at this location.

Fort la Latte or better known as the Castle of the Rock Goyon is a 14th-century castle that rises over 70 meters above sea level in northeast Brittany, France. It was rebuilt in the 17th century and renovated in the 20th century, preserving its medieval charm. The adjacent massive cliffs have been transformed into a true work of art by the strong waves and temperature. Located on the coast with a unique geological and beautiful landscape. If you are a bird enthusiast, have an adventurous spirit, and are willing to experience every day new things then you are in the right region. From there you can enjoy a walk of about 3 hours to the nearby Cap Fréhel lighthouse along the coast and red rocky trails. Cap Fréhel is rated with 2 stars in the Michelin Guide. Here you can enjoy the many islands scattered along the coast. In fact, the Breton coast contains the most islands in the entire country. It has unimaginably more than 120 islands. The largest of these islands is the Belle-Île-en-Mer, which covers an area of ​​more than 83 square kilometers over a vast area.

The entry ticket to the castle costs 7.20 euros for adults and 4.80 for children under 12 years.  It is free for children under 5 years old. Prices can always change, so please check the castle’s official website for more information. We wish you a wonderful trip to Brittany!

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Originally called Château de la Roche Goyon, named after Etienne Goyon, lord of Matignon who built it. It has been listed as a historic monument since 1925. Since 1931, it has been restored by the Joüon des Longrais family, which has preserved all its medieval architecture. The castle can also be seen from Saint-Cast-le-Guildo and Saint-Lunaire,  and the touristic coastal towards Dinard.

The distance from Fort La Latte to another tourist location

  • Saint-Cast le Guildo: 17.8 km via D786
  • Saint-Lunaire: 35.2 km via D786
  • Dinard: 35.9 km via D786
  • Saint-Malo: 44 km via D786

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