Located in the most complete and biggest imperial palace of China, Forbidden City is a one-of-a kind to visit among tourists. This is also simply because it boasts for its ancient buildings and it has its rich history.  In fact, twenty-four emperors from Qing and Ming have ruled and lived there. Even though the buildings have gone through rebuilt stages, the original style has still been maintained.

With its rich history and great buildings, it is just good to visit the city and try out all other things to do like:

Walk through the Three Main Buildings

The Forbidden City is known for its Outer Court that lets you walk through the three main buildings. This is such an interesting city to visit because of the Hall of Supreme Harmony, Hall of Central Harmony and Hall of Preserving Harmony. When you visit these buildings, you will learn more and witness the ceremonies attended by the emperors before. Actually, the former is the first, the biggest and the most significant of them all as this boasts for its Dragon throne.

Watch the Imperial Gardens

Being the biggest in the northern part of Forbidden City, the Imperial Gardens is truly a unique imperial garden. Just by watching it, you can be fulfilled with the beautiful rockeries and cypress trees. Another interesting thing about the gardens is the pathways that are known for their beautiful pictures and pebbles.

Even those who want to lament can choose the gardens for their exquisite, peaceful and beautiful design.

Visit the Halls and Palaces

The Forbidden City is known for its great halls and palaces that are filled with great and priceless treasures. The Qing Dynasty has been ruled by the greatest emperors who once have been historians and art collectors. They collected a lot of art materials and stuffs that add up to the majestic appearance of the palace.

The buildings you can find around are manufactured from the best and finest materials. Even the wood structures are made from the rarest namu wood. And, the rafters and the posts are all covered with a gold leaf.

Eat at the Restaurants within the Palace Grounds

As a tourist, you can definitely be amazed of eating at one of the finest restaurants within the Palace Grounds. This is such a great experience you will ever consider because you get a taste of the exquisite delicacies that leave you satisfied and contented.

Tour around the Finest Museums and Largest Theatre

When you tour around the finest museums, you can enjoy a quieter and calmer experience that leaves you contented and fulfilled. There is the beautiful Nine Dragon Screen and other dragons in the left in China.

Other visitors also choose to explore the opera house as the biggest theatre. As per the trap doors, only those actors allowed can make a dramatic entrance.

Now, you have learned more about the interesting things to do when you want to visit Forbidden City in China along with your family and friends!