The history of human kind has always been interesting to discover. It is always fun and exciting when it comes to visiting the sites which are the remnants of the life before us. Ancient people  and their civilization are such a mystery that we can only guess the meaning of the creation of the remnants. Most of the time, we are simply stunned by the magnificent ancient structures and have so many questions in our mind about how such incredible structures were made. Let us take the lost city of Inca better known as Machu Picchu for example. This ancient site of the Incas was built on a very high location that we see it between the clouds. Recently, Machu Picchu has been officially recognized as one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. For many visitors who are greatly interested in historic destinations, Machu Picchu has turned out to be a must-visited location.

The lost city of the Incas can be found at northwest of Cusco in the Urubamba province right on top of the Urubamba mountain. Seeing the location of the Peruvian Historic Sanctuary, every visitor has a huge question about how Machu Picchu was created. Apparently, there are several theories that are trying to reveal the secret of the old settlers in moving the large blocks of stones to the top of the mountain. However, it is more likely to stay mysterious to many of us. We might have to sail back to the past to reveal such a fascinating mystery of Machu Picchu.

Sites You Shouldn’t Miss Out When Visiting Machu Picchu

There are two different areas in Machu Picchu, each part was meant for totally different purposes. The urban area of the Machu Picchu was meant for the Incas population to live and organize their social and religious activities. This area features Hanan, known as the High Sector and Urin which also called as the Low Sector. The High Sector in the urban area was inhabited by the Inca and his descendants while the Low Sector was home to the rest of the population. Beside the urban area, Machu Picchu also features the agricultural area where we can spot large Inca terraces.

There have a number of different theories that describe about the function of this lost city. Many people believe that Machu Picchu was a very religious and sacred site for the people of Incas worshiped their gods. They also believe that the main activity in this area was scarification. A new investigation has been conducted to this site and finally comes up with a clearer conclusion. It is believed that the Emperor of Inca, Pachacutec, was the one who ordered the establishment of Machu Picchu. He meant to create a pleasant resting place for himself.

Visiting Machu Picchu certainly offers a magnificent experience. Not only that you can make contact with the historic sanctuary in person, you can also treat your eyes with the marvelous and colorful landscape surrounding the area. From this site, you can simply enjoy one of the most beautiful and magical scenery in the world.

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