Bali is known as the island of gods. No wonder that you can find so many beautiful and heavenly sites in this island. The magical island of Bali has attracted so many tourist from local areas and innumerable international tourists from many different countries in the world. Everyone must come to Bali with their own reason in their mind. If you plan to visit Bali to see and enjoy the best beaches filled with white sand, then the best choice for you would be to visit Dreamland Beach. If the name of the beach is less familiar to you, then the New Kuta Beach might just ring the bell. The main reason why many tourists call it that way is that the beauty of Dreamland Beach is almost at the same level as Kuta Beach.

Unlike many other beaches in most other tourist destinations, Dreamland Beach features clean and soft white sand that stretches 100 meters in length. The coast area of the beach is home to a number of large rocks and you can find towering cliffs surrounding this beautiful beach. Spending an hour at the beach area might feel less than a minute for you due to its fascinating blue ocean scenery. The bright sunlight makes this place a great spot for you to enjoy the moment with sunbathing. Dreamland Beach is also considered as a great spot for surfing fans as they can easily find their favorite waves. One of the best times for you to visit Dreamland Beach is in the late afternoon. It is more likely that you will be indulged in the amazing view of the sunset. Honeymooners must find this place perfect for their romantic moment.

Locating Dreamland Beach in Bali

Dreamland Beach has turned out to be a very popular tourist site in Bali beside, Kuta Beach, Sanur, Nusa Dua or Tanah Lot. Reaching this beautiful spot should not be too hard for any visitor. Located in Ungasan Village in South Kuta District, Badung, it only takes about 15 minutes to get to this beach from the Ngurah Rai International Airport. The location of Dreamland Beach is also very strategic for your Bali visit. It should be very easy for you to reach some other fascinating sites in Bali from your standpoint. It is only 5 minutes away from Garuda Wisnu Kencana and you can also get to Nusa Dua in 20 minutes only.

Dreamland Beach is a great surfing point that comes with its own charms. It should be good for many surfing enthusiasts out there to know that the location of Dreamland Beach is pretty close to other popular surfing points. Once you are done surfing waves at Dreamland Beach, you can easily continue your adventure to Bingin Beach, Uluwatu Beach, Balangan Beach, or Suluban Beach. Make sure that you visit Dreamland Beach during the dry season. It is more likely that you can enjoy a much better surfing experience with greater and more challenging waves.

Have fun!