The big city of the world may have become the most attractive tourist destination; however, a small city such as Essaouira can never be a wrong choice as your holiday destination. This small city is rich with traditions, culture, and stunning scenery. Located between Casablanca and Agadir, Essaouira offers a good holiday. You can enjoy surfing and windsurfing in the windy beach, however, if you are looking for a more cultural activity you can join some tours around the city. Here are some tours for your choice to enlighten your mind about Moroccan culture and traditions.

Food and cultural city tour

Essaouira is a place rich in culture which is the mixture of Arabic charm and French culture. The city tour starts from the bustling fish market and traces the cultural track to artist’s workshops. You can also interact with the local people and get a chance to know their daily life and also enjoy the great scenery of the city ramparts. The tour starts at the oldest pastry shop in Essaouira where the snack is made based on age-old family recipes. This is a sweet treat to start the days of adventure. The next stop is the city fortress and the old watchtower. You can enjoy the marvellous scenery of old city point and the ocean below. Your expert guide has all the setting and inside track for the next destination that is catacomb alley and medina. On this alley and medina, you can enter talented studio artist to know more about the handicraft being made and also buy some for gifts. The next stop is the fishing market as the beating heart of Essaouira. On this market, you can enjoy freshly grilled fish and enjoy it while sitting on a traditional wooden bench. The tour ends with a classic Moroccan dessert and a cup of herbal tea and the knowledge to enlighten you with a more broad view.

Gnawa Music tour

During the evening in the city, you can enjoy the instrument from authentic Gnawa musician. Essaouira music is originated from the local Mâalem player. You can join and get to know the music player and learn more about the tradition and, of course, Afro-Moroccan culture. Then the excursion continues to Zaouia building in city medina which is considered sacred to Gnawa people. In this place, you can get understating of the movement. The next stop is a private house of Gnawa dancer where you can have a cup of tea and enjoy a live performance. The tour continues to the display of the traditional instrument. The basis of Gnawa music is guimbré lute-like instrument. You can even have a very rare opportunity that is visiting the Mâalem private house. Maalem is a master of Gnawa music. You can also get the chance to chat with them and get a broad knowledge of the local heritage. The tour ends at the local clubs where the musician plays numerous traditional music with Jazz, pop, and Latin influence.

You can never be wrong for coming to Essaouira because this small city offers cultural heritage than can hardly be found in other places.