The Great Mosque in Malaysia with Unique Architectural Design
Malaysia is a country in Asia with unique culture. If you make a plan to have vacation in Asia for days, you should go to Malaysia. In that country , there is something great for being listed as the best destination to go. It is the Crystal Mosque. Have you ever seen some pictures for that place? If you only see it in the pictures in the websites, you will not see how great the building. Okay, in this chance, we will give you short description about that place. It is hoped that you will make a plan to go to that place after seeing the wonderful building for mosque.

Something Nice In Crystal Mosque

You should know first that Malaysian people are almost Moslem. So, it is something common in Malaysia if every place you go, you find the mosque with so many kinds of design. However, for the best design, you should see Crystal Mosque. Especially when the sun shines come to the mosque through the wall, it is very beautiful. We cannot give you the right words to show how great this place in the shiny days. That is why; you should make a plan to go to Malaysia soon and make this mosque as the best destination.

However, for the ticket, we should say that it is quite expensive. If you are making the budget estimation to have vacation time in Malaysia, make sure that the money is enough. Do you know how much money that we should pay for going inside the mosque? It is about 250 Malaysian ringgit. It seems that the ticket price is so expensive for you. However, when you are entering that place, you will say that the price is reasonable for this wonderful effect of lighting to the mosque. The mosque is so wide. You might need hours for going to that place. So, please prepare your cameras to capture some pictures also.

The Crystal Mosque is opened for daily. This place is located near Tamandun Park. You will find this famous park in Kuala Lumpur. Because the park is located in Kuala Lumpur, so there will not any problem about the transportation. After spending hours for seeing the architectural building, you may go outside the mosque and find the hotels near that place. There are so many hotels in the best service that will make you relaxed. Then, you may enjoy the traditional foods in Malaysia.

Now, it is time for you to make decision. Invite your friends to go with you. Malaysia will be the best destination to go. Later, you may visit Indonesia as the next destination. Crystal Mosque in Malaysia is similar to Taj Mahal for the unique architecture. Therefore, after visiting Crystal Mosque in Malaysia, you may continue your vacation to India. You should compare between the unique architectural design in Taj Mahal and Crystal Mosque. Will you go there soon? We know that you will enjoy your vacation in Malaysia. Besides Crystal Mosque, you may go to the national parks that will give you the best panorama also.

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