Cochabamba is actually found in the hub of Bolivia and is known for six-hundred thousand people that keep it full of life and activity. The farm fields and the mountains to find around help produce maiz, barley, wheat, corn and other citrus fruits. At the center location, Cerro Tunari can be found being the highest peak in the entire region. With its lower altitude and spring-like climate, these make the city even more pleasant to stay and admire.

Below are some of the interesting things that you can do in Cochabamba, Bolivia that leave you all amazed and thrilled.

Going Out on a Tour

Going out on a tour with family and friends in Cochabamba, Bolivia is really impressive and great. This is because you can be fascinated with the street art and of course, there is a tour guide that lets you learn about the history, mural styles, artists, politics and more.

Apart from it, you can be happy in discovering the hidden gems of the street art and the rich history of the neighborhood. From the different points and impressive displays, you surely would love to stay a week or month here.

Bird Spotting and Hiking

Bird spotting and hiking are two interesting activities you can try out in the beautiful park of Carrasco wherein you can love the waterfall scenery, lush vegetation, Inca Ruins, caves and mountain. There is something irresistible about the park as it captivates your attention.

Featuring five-thousand different plant species, you can also easily spot Andean Bear and Jaguar among other type of animals. If you also consider yourself as a bird enthusiast, you would love this park as it is a hub to hundreds and thousands of bird species like the Oil Bird.

Camping and Fishing

The impressive thing about the park is that it lets you do the camping and fishing activities leaving you thrilled and excited. Especially if you visit the place with families and friends, you can just enjoy fishing and camping around five areas. This is great for overnight accommodation among tourists because of the many varied shops, camping areas and hotel accommodations.


Carving is another breathtaking experience to try out in Cochabamba, Bolivia as it boasts for Toro Toro Park. This simply gives you the chance to go underground caving. With the underwater cave around, the Cueva Humajalanta, you can get to enjoy the stalagmites formations and beautiful stalactites.


It is just a great experience shopping around the Cochabamba in Bolivia because of the conventional markets for items and other popular things. It also features a lot of vendors that sell anything from handmade goods to foods. You can also try out souvenir shopping like collecting all stuffs you like best. Other precious items to find include small guitars, bags and a whole lot more.


There are simply a lot of nightlife and entertainment activities you can try out with. For instance, clubbing is great and is fun because of the presence of bars and restaurants around for live entertainment. Better yet, spend some time at Avenue Heroinas and Avenue Ayacucho that boast for their restaurants and bars!

Now, you have learned about the things to do in Cochabamba, Bolivia that leave you wanting for more!