Borobudur Temple: One of the Seven Wonderful Places in the World
Borobudur temple’s located in Magelang Central Java. It has been a heritage of the world by UNESCO. Many people will be amazed with this temple. The temple is so big and wonderful. Many people feel curious how to build this temple. The name of the BOROBUDUR consists of two words, the word Boro that has a meaning of monastery and budur that has a meaning of “mountain”. Therefore, the word “Borobudur” can be meant as the monastery that’s located on the mountain.

If you have a more time, you can choose to visit a Borobudur Temple. You can have a vacation to there. Many foreign and domestic tourists come to the temple to enjoy the wonderful temple. Besides, you can see the beautiful view from the top of the mountain. There is the beautiful view of some mountains can be seen from this temple. There are some mountains in the surrounding Borobudur. Those are the twin temples of Sindoro- Sumbing and Merbabu- Merapi. There are four mountains you can enjoy from this temple. If you are on the temple in the early morning, you can see the beautiful sunrise from there. Many visitors come to take a picture of the beautiful sunrise.

Borobudur temple is the largest temple in the world. Even, this temple ever becomes one of the seven wonderful places in the world. The temple is very famous among countries. It is a Buddhism temple that is held in 8 century by Samaratungga King from Syailendra Dynasty. For some travelers, Borobudur temple is a wonderful place to come. Besides enjoying its architecture, some travelers can see the sunrise and sunset.

Borobudur temple was held for about 50 years. The architect of Borobudur is Dunadharma. The stones that are needed to make this temple are for about two thousand stones of the volcanic. Those stones are taken from the rivers near the temple. The temple’s located on a hill and has an area of 123 x 123 square meters. The temple has one main stupa, 72 stupas overlay, and 504 Buddha statues. In addition, there are thousands of reliefs arranged in panels in Borobudur, which depicts the story, religion, or even the history in the past.

Borobudur has three layers of Buddhist teaching. The three levels namely, first degree Kamadhatu or world lust. At this level, people are still influenced by lust and negative things. The second level is Rupadhatu or the world is formed. It means that humans have been able to control him from all lust. Then, the last level is Arupadhatu or the world without form. At this level, it means that people are no longer pursuing human desires.

It is all about the Borobudur Temple. Let’s go to this temple to see how wonderful the building is. It’s better if you go there with your family so that you can enjoy its beauty together. And also you can go to this temple in the early morning to see the beautiful sunrise.

Have a great vacation!

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