Each country has been blessed with incredible spots that really attract people even from different parts of the globe. Every city has a place to show to the world to continue motivating people to appreciate the wonders of Mother Nature. One of these places is San Francisco which has made millions of tourists fall in love with the things that it offers.

Since it has been geographically small, measuring 49 sq. miles, you can explore the best spots in it in a short span of time. It is well-known for having complete amenities, attractions, and sources for the convenience and satisfaction of both locals and tourists. Now, if you are currently in San Francisco and thinking about how to spend your time worthily, then consider the following ideas:

The North Beach

The North Beach is an Italian quarter of this city and is not really a beach. This lies beside various shops, restaurants, and romantic sidewalk cafes that are touched with European style. The landmark of this place is the historical Church of Saints Paul and Peter. The shops are located beside Washington Square. Here, you can also take a walk at Coit Tower which brings majestic views for picture-perfect moments. Inside such tower lies early San Francisco’s floor-to-ceiling murals and is said to be painted in the 1930s.

World-Class Food Houses and Restaurants

For those who are food lovers, San Francisco is the perfect place to go. in fact, this city is considered the best city for dining in the United States. Here, you will meet excellent and expert chefs who have distinct cooking styles and combinations of fresh local ingredients to create international flavors. Feel free to select your favorite cuisine such as Greek, Mexican, Indian, Italian, Moroccan, Russian, Japanese, etc. Explore the web for a complete list of the hottest restaurants in San Francisco.

Nightlife – San Francisco

Young people seek the most amazing nightlife and San Francisco never failed them. It takes pride in the best clubs and each club offers a unique style in giving satisfaction to its guests. All kinds of music are available and you can hear it all over the town. These are the places wherein people meet new friends and mingle with them all throughout the night for fun and relaxation.

Oldest Chinatown – San Francisco

The Oldest Chinatown’s main entrance is called “Dragon’s Gate” which passes through Bush Street and Gran Avenue. This is a “city within a city” that can be experienced on foot. You can find small museums, temples, food markets, exotic shops, and renowned restaurants. In fact, tourists can purchase ancient potions coming from different herb shops.

The Union Square – San Francisco

If you are a serious shopper, Union Square in San Francisco is the perfect place to visit. This is where most exclusive boutiques and huge department stores line such as Powell, Grant, Geary, Post, Stockton, and Sutter.

These are just some of the great things to do in San Francisco. Explore the city and it will surely offer you a lot of incredible ideas to spend an unforgettable vacation.