Bali as the most famous tourist destination in Indonesia and the world offers lots of great pleasure for the visitors. From day to night, Bali never loses its fame. The main attraction of Kuta beach is the wonderful sunset and the big waves. The big and steady waves are famous among surfers around the world. Surfing competition is also held each year; it is not only held in the day time but also night time. If you are big fans of sunset, then Kuta beach sunset is the best and the most romantic with the sky turns into a mix of blazing orange and blue. That is certainly worth to see.

Besides the natural attractions, Kuta beach as the heart of Bali also famous for its nightlife. Throughout the years, there are lots of bars and night clubs emerged and transform Kuta beach as a sleepless place. There are numbers of night clubs and bar to enlighten your nights in Bali. if you are looking for some good place to party, here are the lists:

1. Green Box
This is a good spot for backpackers with a shoestring budget. The interior of this place is painted in lime green therefore it is named green Box. You will find no seat available in this clubs, it is only standing. They serve a cheap cocktail for you and your friends.

2. Sky Garden
This bar is famous among backpacker for its cheap cocktail and cozy place. Sky Garden has a number of floors with bars and lounges and also a rooftop bar with the amazing view of the Kuta Street below. You can also spend the party with dance on the dance floor. Sky Garden also offers floor shows and fire dancing to heat up the party vibe.

3. The Bounty Ship
This is a big club in Kuta with a unique design. They design the club as a pirate ship. To get to party in the Bounty Ship, you have to come around 10 pm. This bar is not considered as the cheap one, but it has a really good drinks. The famous one is the signature jam jars.

4. M-Bar-Go
This one is a big hip hop club with a large dance floor. There are two floors for bar, lounge and dance floor. M-Bar-Go gets really busy after midnight with music play on two floors. Every Thursday, they host fashion shows with “beach couture” theme.

5. Hard Rock Café
This one is the most famous clubs in Kuta; they have live music every night of the week and every two months they invite famous Indonesian musician to perform. Hard Rock Café serves American inspired food.

6. Espresso
Espresso is a smaller clubs than the others but has a more intimate atmosphere. They have cover bands to perform and if you like to sing, they will encourage you to join in. since it is smaller in size, it is a good spot to relax.

There are still lots of bars and clubs in Kuta beach than mentioned in the list. You can choose one to complete your night in Bali.