Indonesia as the biggest archipelago in the world is blessed with several islands. One of the beautiful islands is Belitung Island. Located in North Sumatra offshores, Belitung Island is rich with beautiful natural scenery, distinctive traditions and festivals, and also local food and souvenirs.

Experience the Makan Bedulang Tradition

Step into the cultural tapestry of Belitung Island and discover the unique tradition of Makan Bedulang. This centuries-old practice involves gathering around a wide, round tray known as a dulang, originally crafted from wood and later replaced with iron sheeting in the 1950s. Rooted in Belitung’s Muslim heritage, Makan Bedulang brings together four individuals who dine in a prescribed manner, often during significant occasions like weddings or births. Beyond nourishment, it serves as a conduit for familial communication and etiquette transmission, with various dishes arranged alongside separate plates of rice.

Delve into the culinary delights of Makan Bedulang, showcasing local delicacies sourced from the island’s bounty. From gangan darat to squid and fish satay, each dish embodies the spirit of togetherness, respect for elders, and gratitude. As tourism flourishes, visitors are welcomed to partake in this cherished tradition, provided they adhere to its customs and decorum, fostering cultural exchange and appreciation.

Rumpun Sebalai Festival: A Fusion of Tradition and Modernity

Immerse yourself in the rhythmic energy of the annual Rumpun Sebalai Festival, a vibrant dance parade that melds traditional Belitung dances with contemporary flair. Originating from authentic roots, this modern interpretation captivates audiences from across the Indonesian archipelago, with participants hailing from ten provinces on Sumatra Island. Join the celebration as performers showcase the rich cultural heritage of Belitung through dynamic choreography and spirited performances, uniting communities in joyous revelry.

Exploring Belitung’s Treasures: Crafts, Culinary, and Satam Stones

Uncover the island’s treasures as you wander through its bustling markets and artisan stalls, where genuine crafts and culinary delights await. Take home a piece of Belitung with unique souvenirs like Satam stones, exquisite black stones believed to have originated from an ancient asteroid impact. Delve into the island’s culinary heritage with tantalizing snacks such as krupuk Belitung, made from seafood, and Belacan Belitung, a distinct shrimp paste infused with fresh flavors. Savor the spicy allure of Sambal Lingkong, crafted from mackerel fish, chili, and coconut, each bite a testament to Belitung’s rich gastronomic heritage.

Whether you’re a cultural enthusiast, culinary adventurer, or simply seeking a taste of island life, Belitung promises an unforgettable journey filled with warmth, flavor, and tradition.