Traveling can be the best thing you should do to refresh your brain. Definitely, traveling will make your mind become fresh and it makes your mood well. If you are the one who loves traveling, then you should choose the best country which has many wonderful things. By the way, if you are confused about where the country is, it means you should visit Morocco. This country has many wonderful cities and one of many wonderful cities in Meknes. However, if you want to know more about this city, let’s see.

When you want to visit Morocco, then you have two options whether you want to be a backpacker or you want to be a common tourist. As you know that backpackers are typically with big bags and they will save a budget well. But, if you want to be a common tourist, it means you will be guided by the travel agency. No matter what you choose, let’s see the beauty of the old city of Meknes. Anyway, this city is really wonderful because it has many old buildings around the city. Normally, the buildings are made of stone so that it looks solid and strong.

After you arrive in Morocco, the first thing you should consider is definitely the hotel. It is impossible for you to start the trip on the first day you arrive. When you are looking for a riad, ensure that you choose a simple Morocco riad with a traditional look. Do not choose a high-class hotel if your budget is limited. When you have found the riad, you can take a rest and prepare for the trip tomorrow. In Meknes, there are many places you should visit such as Bab Mansour, Hedim Plate, Heri es Souani, Museum Dar Jamai, and many more.

To visit the places one by one, you need the best transportation. If the distance from one place to another is a little bit far, you can use a petite taxi. This taxi is really unique because it has a petite design and it looks so cute. The price of a taxi is a little bit expensive at night, but you can go from one place to another faster. By the way, if you want to enjoy the trip to Meknes, you can rent a scooter. Definitely, using a scooter is totally more affordable and it also makes unforgettable moments in your life.

When you are in Meknes, then there are some important things you should do such as taste the real Moroccan food, visit the wonderful places, and purchase some beautiful accessories. The Moroccan food typically has great taste. When you have finished the trip, it is the best time for you to purchase the accessories. You can find many stores or maybe street sellers who offer some beautiful souvenirs. Do not worry about the price because you can bargain the souvenirs until you get a deal. So, are you ready to visit Meknes in Morocco? If so, let’s prepare the plans, and the budget, and let’s go!