Indonesia is a popular destination for many tourists from around the globe. This country is the biggest archipelago in the world and it is home to myriad of tourist attractions and fascinating places. Should wonder about the most popular and most visited tourist destination of the country, Bali has to be on the top of the list. This gorgeous island is so popular that may travelers recognize Bali better than the country it is located. The island of Bali has so many things to offer to every visitor and it has managed to build up a good reputation for being a complete and nice destination for your Asian vacation. There are plenty of relaxing beaches that are well equipped with outstanding views of the ocean. This tourist attraction has been a great magnet to millions of visitors every year. It should be glad to know that the beaches are not the only main attractions in this island, there so many other things you can do as well as other fascinating spots you can visit to make your vacation more exciting.

Visiting the island of Bali has become much easier as a large number of budget airline companies are more than ready to take you to Bali. You can either visit this island on your own or take the whole family or friends with you. Despite the world class tourist attractions and hotel accommodation in Bali, visiting this island can be a great option for you budget friendly vacation. The cost of living in this island is much more affordable that many other popular tourist destinations. In order to make your Bali visit more memorable, it would be wise if you have a clear idea of what you want to do during your vacation in Bali. Since there are so many things that you can do in Bali to fill you schedule, you might need to shift your focus on the top things to do in this gorgeous Indonesian island.

It is no secret that many international and local tourists come to this island to have a closer look at the beautiful beaches. There are plenty of exciting activities that you can do in this area. Not only that you can enjoy the beaches through swimming, snorkeling or surfing the waves, walking along the beach and see the natural process of sunsets can be a fascinating experience. If you wonder about the best spots in Bali for surfing activities, then you visit Brawa, Pererenan or Canggu beaches.

The island of Bali can be a great place for you to get closer to the nature as well. In Desa Taro, you will have the opportunity to interact with one of the biggest animals on the planet, the elephants. Touching and feeding them with your own hands have become the main attractions of this Elephant Safari Park. Your exciting day at Bali will not be perfect unless you get yourself involved in the nightlife in this island. There are many nightclubs in Bali that offer a great nightlife experience to every visitor including yourself.