Spain has become one of the most recognized countries in Europe for its giant soccer clubs, Real Madrid and Barcelona, and their great European cities. Many tourists from many different countries in the world keep visiting this country to see and enjoy traditional and cultural attractions. Spain also has a number of highly sophisticated and modern cities that provide a stunning experience to many visitors. However, if you somehow have less interest in those modern cities, you can head south and shift your holiday destination to Campo Andaluz to experience the surreal countryside of Spain. This would be an ideal tourist site for those who like to have the unforgettable experience of peace and placidity. This destination will also connect you with the beautiful and lush countryside of Spain.

Interesting Tourist Attractions in Campo Andaluz

As a visitor, you shall be indulged in plenty of fascinating tourist attractions at Campo Andaluz. Not only that you can treat your eyes with the soothing countryside, you can also have a relaxing time on the sandy beaches. Many tourists come to this place to witness the majestic Sierra Morena and enjoy the bull fighting, wine and flamenco. In addition, this site offers you the opportunity to watch the imperial architectures with significant influence from the Moorish.

You can find many interesting cities in this region as Andalusia is home to Cordoba, Granada, Cadiz, Huelva, Jaen, Malaga, Almeria and Sevilla. The last city is known as the capital city of Andalusia. Before these become an interesting destination for many international tourists from many different countries on the planet, Andalusia was recognized as one of the poorest areas in the country. Many things have changed now. The authority of this place has done a great job in developing the industry of tourism in Andalusia. As a result, this place has turned out to be one of the most visited destinations in Spain. It has become a great alternative to the popular and sophisticated tourist destinations in the country.

The Moorish has become a major part in the history of Andalusia since they had ruled this area for more than 7 centuries. The remnants of their culture are well preserved and can be seen up to this day. In fact, the Moorish remnants have become one of the main attractions that bring plenty of tourists every year.

The former ruler of Andalusia is known to be the mixture of two different tribes; the Berbers and the Arabs. They managed to locate this area as they came from the straits of Gibraltar. Before we recognize this place as Andalusia, the origin of this region had named it Al Andalus.

Campo Andaluz is also a great place for visitors who like to get closer to nature. This place is home to well preserved natural sites and a variety of unique ecosystems. Every tourist shall have a great time enjoying the rich and impeccable flora and fauna life. Simply put, this destination seems to have everything for everyone.